Beyond USDA Organic Certification

Our Products Contain Organic Ingredients

You may notice that some of our products contain up to 99.5% organic ingredients, but do not feature the USDA organic seal on the packaging.

Why is this?

In order to certify a product as USDA organic, any non-organic ingredients in the product, no matter how small a percentage of the formula, must be on an approved list from the USDA National Organic Program (NOP).

All of our formulas contain exotic, ayurvedic ingredients. Since many of these exotic herbs are not yet on the NOP approved list, the entire formula cannot be certified as USDA organic even though the formula may contain almost 100% organic plants. It can take many years to petition to add new ingredients to the list and the outcome is uncertain.

We don't compromise our formulas. We could remove the small percentage non-organic ingredients and easily obtain the seal, but we don’t.

Our herbal supplements are made according to the ancient ayurvedic texts, and we intend to continue making them using the same ingredients that have been used for thousands of years. This is our commitment to maintaining the effectiveness and the purity of the ayurvedic tradition. It is the only way to craft ayurvedic formulations that deliver maximum effect for mind and body.

Where and when possible, we will continue to introduce organic ingredients.