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MAPI customer Erica Abdella
top seller

Organic Digest Tone (Triphala Plus)

good health depends on strong, efficient digestion

1000 mg | 60 Tablets
Temporarily Out of Stock
1000 mg | 30 Herbal Tablets
Temporarily Out of Stock
  • - improves digestion
  • - improves elimination
  • - increases absorption of nutrients
  • - recommended to support all herbals
  • - cabbage rose + triphala = triphala plus for full potency
  • - vata, pitta, kapha balancing (vpk®)

"Oh - I love it!! I have been feeling really good lately. I feel lighter when taking Digest Tone!! And the hair and skin products that I purchased from MAPI have helped so much. I am a firm believer in these formulas!!"Erica Abdella, full-time mom, part-time photographer and MAPI customer. Albany, NY

MAPI customer Wally DeVasier
top seller

Stress Free Mind

500 mg | 60 Tablets
Temporarily Out of Stock
  • Supports natural resistance to daily mental stress & fatigue. Worry fades as you feel more composed and simultaneously alert
  • - promotes learning, retention and long-term memory (dhi, dhriti and smriti)
  • - aids mental energy by supporting prana vata
  • - supports mental resistance to stress

"As a pilot I see great effects from Maharishi Ayurveda's herbal products.

"Mind Plus and Stress Free Mind help me balance the rigors of a flight schedule that sneaks up on you during periods of challenging weather in both summer and winter. As well, Bio-Immune and Cold Weather Defense are my favorites during winter season.

"I have found that the most important part of pilot-readiness is the pilot's health, mentally and physically."

Captain Wally DeVasier, Air Transport Pilot, FAA Certified Flight Instructor. 26,000 hours total Airline transport rating 5 Jet Type ratings Commercial Glides Pilot and MAPI customer.

MAPI customer and employee Rebecca Bruewer
top seller

Worry Free

occasionally worried or anxious?

1000 mg | 60 Tablets
Temporarily Out of Stock
  • - natural relief from everyday tension
  • - calms & relaxes
  • - promotes deeper sleep
  • - powerful vata-balancing formulation
  • - with ashwagandha & jatamansi
  • - vata, pitta, kapha balancing (vpk®)

"Do you ever wake up and find your mind is racing a million miles a minute with all the details of what you have to accomplish today?

"My days are busy and can be unpredictable. Worry Free is my go-to herbal on those days to help calm the anxious feelings of 'How am I going to get it all done?'

"It calms my mind so I can focus on the tasks at hand rather than on the anxiety of getting them done! Not only does Worry Free help calm restless thoughts, but I have discovered it helps calm my restless legs at night as I go to sleep!

"For me, one of its best qualities is that it works fast - I usually notice the calming effects within 30 minutes of taking it."Rebecca Bruewer, manager of MAPI customer service

MAPI customer Ellen McGowan
top seller

BP Balance

cleanses and nourishes the circulatory system

1000 mg | 60 Tablets
Temporarily Out of Stock
  • - helps cleanse the circulatory system and fat tissues of toxins
  • - promotes healthy liver function
  • - nourishes the heart, blood vessels and the entire circulatory system

"I started taking Amrit Nectar and Ambrosia about twenty years ago. I recently added BP Balance to my daily routine to support blood pressure health.

"I will be 89 in a few months. I do not take any prescription drugs. I am a sculptor and work in my studio every day.

"I feel certain that I can take herbs for my good health."Ellen McGowan, 89, Award-winning Sculptor, Bartlett, TN