Enlivened Ojas: A By-Product of Digestion

Featuring Dr. Keith Wallace

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Dr. Keith Wallace

Dr. Keith Wallace received his BS in physics and his PhD in physiology from UCLA, and he conducted postgraduate research at Harvard University. He is founding president and member of the board of trustees of Maharishi University of Management (MUM) in Fairfield, Iowa, where he is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Physiology and Health.

What does a glowing complexion, a light in the eyes, and blissful emotions have to do with digestion and metabolism? Well, according to Ayurveda, it comes down to the principle of Ojas, refined metabolism. Often termed “the finest by-product of digestion” Ojas is the key to health and wellness. So, how do we maximize the production and maintenance of Ojas?

Join the author of the Gut Crisis and the Rest and Repair Diet, Dr. Keith Wallace, to discuss the Ayurvedic recommendations for optimal digestion and the enlivening of Ojas!