“Ayurveda and yoga are inextricably linked. Yoga is a manifestation of this science of life. Through asana practice we become more aware of being in the world, how we influence life and how life influences us in mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda and yoga as ancient practices teach us to be fearless in relation to the self and other beings, to learn to love, to cultivate positive energy and to live simply and fully in relationship to the environment. Society today has pulled us so far away from these principles; Ayurveda and yoga, when practiced together, bring us back to our true selves so we can create a better world” – Kelli P. Harrington, Ed.D.

Dr. Kelli Harrington is co-founder of ZenSpot, Inc., a holistic human empowerment company, dedicated to creating positive life balance for mind, body and spirit in the lives of others. The company's development evolved in part from Harrington's previous company, KAMP KELLI, whose mission was to stimulate active health and wellness for women of all ages. ZenSpot is the result of over 17 years of experience and application in the field through a variety of mediums and environments including fitness facilities, organizations, radio and online.

A native westerner, Dr. Michael Bittner brings a complementary blend of wester practicality, free spirit and authenticity to teaching, fitness, interior design and project management in his role as co-founder and managing partner of ZenSpot, Inc., a human empowerment center, whose mission is: Empowering People to be Themselves. Michael views overall health as a combination of fitness, positive environment and balance between work, home and personal life.

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