Eashwarlall Ramdhani

“Let Maharishi Ayurveda guide you on the path to Health and Longevity, essential for your well-being and your quest for a happy, enjoyable life. It provides easy ways for individuals to become balanced, revitalized, and healthy, and to live in harmony with nature. Maharishi Ayurveda is a revival of a time-tested holistic health system which offers significant pathways to help us to attain and maintain our health, and to live long fruitful lives. With a background of thousands of years of sound health and medical knowledge, it defines itself as a key current health practice. It is directed toward optimizing people‚Äôs health and longevity and their understanding, attitudes, and conduct in relation to individual and community health.”

“Maharishi Ayurvedic products are safe and effective and follow special standardized and often lengthy production procedures according to stipulations stated in the ancient Ayurvedic texts.”

Dr. Eashwarlall Ramdhani holds both an M.D. and a Ph.D. in Alternative Medicine and is Board Certified with the American Alternative Medical Board. He also holds a degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. He has more than twenty years experience in Health, Medicine, Vedic Philosophy and Education.

Dr. Ramdhani pursues a holistic approach in helping others and has devoted countless hours to community services. His work is in Alternative Medicine with emphasis on Ayurveda; he is not a licensed medical practitioner in the USA. Dr. Ramdhani is also a lecturer and broadcast media host. He lectures in Alternative Medicine, especially Ayurveda, Allied Health, and other medical areas. He has also hosted many TV programs on Health, Hard News and Community Happenings and has spoken at many public forums on topical issues including areas on Health, especially Ayurveda.

Dr. Ramdhani has also written books on health and other related areas, and textbooks in Biological Sciences for college students.

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