Our sweet pets rely on us to give them what they need, in return, they provide us with unconditional love and happiness in our lives.

So what to do if you notice your cozy kitty or happy pup is emotionally distressed? Here is what one of our customers, Mr. M., says about giving his dog our Worry Free formula:


“My dog has very abrupt separation anxiety. I’ll give her half or one [Worry Free] depending on how bad her anxiety is and it calms her down. I even use it for myself and it makes me worry less!”

As far as we know, our products are safe for pets!

We recommend reducing the suggested use on our products to be proportional to your pet’s body weight, using the lowest recommended dosage. For example, the adult dosage of Worry Free is 1-2 tablets twice daily, however for a small 10lb. dog, give up to 1/10th of a tablet twice a day. Grind the tablets and mix with food or treats or feed directly, if your pet will tolerate it.

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