Q: Are vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda products gluten-free?
A: Yes, all vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda supplement products are gluten-free and made in a gluten-free production facility. Even Flexcel, which contains barley, is gluten-free because the barley used by our manufacturer is incinerated down into ash, during which any gluten, if present, is completely destroyed. The processing of the barley ash is not done in the same area that the rest of the supplement products are made and bottled, and uses separate equipment. Therefore, none of the products come into contact with the barley, or any other gluten-containing ingredients.
Q: Do any of your products contain soy?
A: None of our products contain soy, and our manufacturing facility doesn’t process any products containing soy.
Q: If I’m allergic to shellfish, will I be allergic to products that contain pearl, coral, conch or other shells?
A: We process pearl, coral, conch and other shell ingredients using traditional ayurvedic methods that incinerate the minerals, converting them to a fine powder. During the incineration process, the allergen properties, if previously present, are destroyed. The process involves many steps of purifying the original materials. Because of the processing, a customer who is allergic to shellfish shouldn’t have any issue using one of our products containing shell ingredients. But it is always best to be cautious and alert to any symptoms when first trying the product. To date we have had no negative feedback.
Q: Are your products vegetarian or vegan?
A: All of our products are vegetarian. For a list of our vegan products, please click here.
Q: Why is licorice in your products?
A: Licorice is a traditional herbal remedy with a lot of benefits in ayurveda. It has a rasayana (health-promoting) effect on the mind and body, and is also balancing to Vata and Pitta. It supports healthy immunity, is good for the eyes and complexion, nourishes the tissues, soothes the digestive tract and promotes circulation.

In our synergistic formulas, we process our licorice in a particular way and use it in combination with other herbs that counterbalance any negative effect licorice could cause in the physiology (or to blood pressure) if taken by itself. The licorice used in our products is not deglycerized.

However, if someone already has high blood pressure or is concerned about taking a product containing licorice, we recommend you monitor blood pressure when taking the product, and/or consult your health professional before using one of our licorice-containing products.

Q: Do your products contain any GMO's (genetically modified organisms)?
A: None of our products contain genetically modified organisms (GMO's), and we’re careful to source from vendors who can assure us that their ingredients are non-GMO. Look for the "Non-GMO" seal on all of our supplement, tea, and food packaging. Also, organic products are always non-GMO. As part of the USDA organic guidelines, a product must not contain any GMO inputs/ingredients in order to carry the USDA organic seal. For a list of our organic products, click here.
Q: Why do your products contain talcum?
A: Talc or magnesium silicate is a natural mineral and is commonly used in the manufacturing of tablets. Our manufacturing uses a very small amount of talc (about half of 1%) to lubricate the tablets so that they don't stick to the manufacturing equipment. We use pharmaceutical-grade talcum in our products and it’s asbestos-free. We are always working to improve our products, and we've been replacing talc in many of our products for some years now with the intention that all of our products will be talc free soon. We are aware of the concerns over talc. Talc has been used in various forms for many, many decades in the US, and it is our understanding there is no current scientific evidence linking talc to cancer. We are replacing magnesium stearate in our products as well. Both represent a very small percentage of the product itself and are used to help with the binding process and manufacturing process. We now use a new organic tablet coating and another organic rice-based product that will replace talc and magnesium stearate in the near future for the products that are being reformulated.
Q: Is the organic palm oil in your organic tablet coating sustainably-sourced?
A: Yes, our supplier has confirmed that the organic palm oil in our organic tablet coating (Opadry Nutrapure) is sustainably sourced.