Q: Are your bottles BPA free?
A: Our plastic bottles are PET 1, which is a recyclable BPA-free plastic. We have also converted some of our plastic bottles to glass, and are committed to continuing to switch to eco-friendly packaging options as much as possible.
Q: Can I take vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda products with prescription medicines or other vitamins?
A: Our products don’t have any side effects or contraindications, but if there’s a concern or you have a known medical condition, always consult with your health professional before taking one of our products.
Q: Do any of your products have a blood thinning effect?
A: Per our vaidyas (ayurvedic experts), none of our products have blood thinning effect if taken in daily recommended doses.
Q: Sometimes a product will recommend one serving size in the Supplement Facts and another in the Suggested Use. Which should I follow?
A: The FDA requires that we list the maximum number of tablets in the Serving Size area of the Supplement Facts box if a range is given for "Suggested Use." For example, if Organic Ashwagandha recommends “1-2 tablets twice daily, with water after meals” then we list “Serving Size 2 tablets” to be in compliance with these regulations. However, we recommend that you follow the Suggested Use directions to determine the quantity that works best for you.
Q: Are your products tested for safety?
A: Yes, our products are tested for pesticides, heavy metals and live organisms. We use only ingredients and herbal products that meet our rigorous standards for safety. We follow the traditional methods of Ayurveda while employing the highest standards of quality control. To ensure purity, vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda products are tested before, during and after manufacture and then tested again by an A2LA accredited independent analytical laboratory in the US (that meets ISO 17025:1999 standards), prior to distribution. These tests include examination for:

• Heavy metals (lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury)
• Residual pesticides (at the start of the manufacturing process)
• Microbiological contamination (including E. coli, coliforms, staph and salmonella)

Our products far exceed the testing standards set by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), the World Health Organization and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

We're always happy to be transparent with our products' testing results. To request a copy of the testing results for the products you are using, please send us the product names and batch numbers from the labels.

Q: Are your products tested on animals?
A: None of our products are tested on animals and they are cruelty-free.
Q: How does vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda ensure that your formulas contain the herbs listed on the label?
A: Our manufacturer performs cross-sectional analysis on each herbal ingredient to make sure that they have been correctly identified before using them in our products.

In addition, our manufacturing facilities are registered with the FDA, and all manufacturing is done according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) to make sure that we’re in compliance with regulations during the manufacturing and labeling of our products.