Q: Why is vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda’s Chyawanprash more expensive than others on the market?
A: The price of Chyawanprash reflects whether or not natural vanshlochan (bamboo silica) is being used in the product, because the natural version is quite expensive. vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda uses only natural vanshlochan and premium quality amla. Also, unlike other formulas on the market, which have been altered based on the availability of herbs, our formula is derived from the authentic ayurvedic texts.
Q: How is Chyawanprash different from Amrit Nectar Paste?
A: While Chyawanprash may look similar to Amrit Nectar Paste, the formulas are different and offer different benefits. The primary herbs in Chyawanprash are amla and vanshlochan (bamboo silica), whereas the primary herbs in Amrit Nectar Paste are amla and chebulic myrobalan. Both products are tri-doshic, support immunity, and promote healthy functioning of the sensory and motor organs. However, Chyawanprash promotes intellect and memory, whereas Amrit Nectar Paste supports mind-body coordination and the balance between the heart and brain. Chyawanprash also more specifically addresses respiratory health, whereas Amrit Nectar Paste is a full-spectrum antioxidant that nourishes the nervous system and overall physiology.
Q: Does Chyawanprash need to be refrigerated once opened?
A: Chyawanprash does not need to be refrigerated once opened, but you can do so if you prefer.