Q: Why does Clear Throat contain sugar?
A: The sugar in Clear Throat acts as a carrier to help the other herbs get assimilated quickly.
Q: Is the combination of sodium benzoate and citric acid safe to consume in Clear Throat?
A: Sodium benzoate has been a preservative of choice not only for pharmaceutical syrups but also herbal syrups and liquids. The safe limit described in the Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients is 0.02 to 0.5% in oral medicines, and the percentage used by us is less than the above limit. Sodium benzoate is not cancerous in and of itself. If combined with other substances improperly it can become a known carcinogen in the form of benzene. We are very clear on this point, and our formulas do not result in the formation of benzene. (Incidentally, we ingest benzene by breathing, as it is in tobacco smoke, car exhaust, vapors from household products and can even be found in some cans of soda. Small amounts of benzene are also present naturally in some fruits, vegetables and dairy products). We're always happy to be transparent with our products' testing results. Clear Throat tests below both the FDA and Prop 65 limits for benzene.
Q: Is the camphor in Clear Throat safe to consume?
A: According to ancient ayurvedic texts, camphor has been traditionally used to support heart health and the circulatory, respiratory and bronchial systems. The camphor used in our Clear Throat is purified and food-grade, and is safe to consume.