Q: Is Brahmi the same as Gotu Kola or Bacopa Monnieri?
A: In the marketplace, the name Brahmi can be used to describe two different types of herbs: Bacopa monnieri and Gotu kola. The Brahmi that we sell is Bacopa monnieri (hence our product name Brahmi Bacopa), and is the same as the product being described in The Prime book. Gotu kola is a different herb with different benefits.
Q: Brahmi - What is the difference? Bacopa Monnieri vs. Gotu Kola?
A: Both Bacopa monnieri and Gotu kola are powerful medhya herbs, identified generally as Brahmi. They are excellent for balancing and calming the mind, and both are tridoshic, balancing all three doshas. Bacopa monnieri supports more specifically memory, learning and concentration. While Gotu Kola is also a powerful brain tonic or rasayana for the mind, it has additional benefits such as rejuvenating and promoting a healthy nervous system and purifying the blood and as such supporting healthy skin. Some of our products use a synergistic combination of both herbs together like Intelligence Plus, Stress Free Mind, Slumber Time and Worry Free Tea.
Q: What is the bacoside content of Brahmi Bacopa?
A: We have not tested Brahmi Bacopa tablets for its bacoside content. As per the textual references available, Brahmi would contain approximately 0.18 to 0.22% of bacoside A (Quality Standards of Indian Medicinal Plants).