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E-commerce Agreement Form

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The below procedure is for those clients who wish to set up an E-Commerce Drop-Ship Account:

1.    Once the account has been set up, you will be notified with access to product images and a retail price list.

2.    Product information can be obtained by the customer at www.mapi.com

3.    E-Commerce Company will provide all customer service for their customers and process any return requests. All items returned by customers must comply with the MAPI return policy for MAPI to honor the return.
** Payment address must be within the US. Any e-commerce outside the US must send a wire transfer for payment before orders can be processed.**

4.    E-Commerce Company will collect Sales Tax from customers were applicable.

5.    E-Commerce Company will provide a completed Sales Tax Exemption Certificate to MAPI prior to placing any orders for Iowa-based customers.

6.    E-Commerce Company is responsible for collecting and paying any state or other sales tax from their customers, and to any applicable entities.

7.    If selling in California, you must adhere to Prop 65 restrictions - see https://www.mapi.com/prop65/prop65-info.html for more details.

8.    If your customers purchase directly from MAPI after purchasing from your e-commerce site, how will you be compensated? At the time of the first sale from your company, fulfilled by MAPI, MAPI will use the E-Commerce Company's customer email address provided by you in the fulfillment email subject line and customer invoice # to identify if the E-Commerce Company partner code should be added to the customer record. (If the customer is not in MAPI's records, or has not ordered from MAPI in the last 360 days, they will be associated with your e-commerce site.) So, in the future, if the customer orders directly from https://www.mapi.com, your E-Commerce Company will be paid a 20% commission for each order ongoing. Please note: you must provide a W-9 form to receive ongoing commissions. Feel free to request this form from the MAPI wholesale department.

9.    E-Commerce company agrees to advertise at MSRP.

E-Commerce Order Process:

1.    E-Commerce Company receives order from their customer via company website. (Amazon and other 3rd party hosted websites are now allowed.)

2.    E-Commerce Company places order online at https://www.mapi.com by logging in as a MAPI Customer.

3.    Filing out the Order Form:

E-Commerce Company will use their company billing address in the billing information fields.

E-Commerce Company will use the customer's shipping information in the ship-to address fields.

In the "Shipping Instructions" box on the Review and Submit Your Order screen at the end of the MAPI checkout process, the E-Commerce Company will enter their customer invoice number that corresponds to this order.

Please work with the MAPI wholesale department (800-611-2294 x 210) to receive your unique invoice prefix that must be appended to the front of all customer invoice numbers.

4.    Packing Invoices: If desired, the E-Commerce Company may email a pdf copy of the customer's invoice/packing sheet and MAPI will include this in the shipment to the customer, rather than the standard MAPI shipping invoice that does not include any pricing information. All packing slip e-mails should be addressed to [email protected].

5.    The MAPI Wholesale Team will process and fulfill the order and print the shipping label. The shipping label will display MAPI as the sender and have MAPI's return address.

6.    We do not ship to the following locations: United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Brazil, Spain, Colombia, Israel, Philippines, Norway, Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

7.    [email protected] by Maharishi Ayurveda does not allow the sale of our products on 3rd party e-commerce sites. Failure to adhere to this policy may result in your account privileges being revoked.

California Proposition 65

Are you currently selling and/or shipping vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda products to California, or do you plan to sell and/or ship vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda products to California in the coming year?