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Worry Free

Every year, I treat approximately 200 patients with Ayurvedic purification therapies called Panchakarma. I also see about 3,000 patients for Maharishi Ayurveda pulse reading consultations every year. Most of the patients I see receive my recommendations to use Maharishi Ayurveda herbal preparations to improve their state of health and well-being. One of the preparations that I recommend most frequently is Worry Free herbal tablets.

We know that approximately 70% of the adult population in the industrialized nations feel stressed, and among them 30% have more or less intense symptoms of a burnout syndrome. From the perspective of Ayurveda, stress leads to an increase of Vata dosha in mind and body.

Whenever Vata is increased, one of the following mental symptoms is very likely to occur: worry, nervousness, restlessness, forgetfulness, insufficient sleep with difficulties falling asleep or sleep interruptions, decrease of enthusiasm, and daytime tiredness.

Worry Free is one of my favorite herbals to balance a state of increased Vata. This preparation is a masterpiece of the traditional Ayurvedic art of composing herbs for efficient and fast action. It consists of seven herbs and one mineral component. Three out of the seven herbs are roots. They have a nourishing, calming and strengthening effect on the nervous system and, like roots, they “root” our personality in stable ground! The three roots used in Worry Free herbal tablets are Ashwagandha (winter cherry), licorice and jatamansi (Indian spikenard).

Three of the herbs are from small, juicy and leafy ground-cover plants with sedative, calming and memory-increasing effects. Just as these ground-cover plants protect the earth from dehydration, the three herbs used in the preparation give moisture to the body and protection to the mind. These three herbs are gotu kola (brahmi), Indian tinospora (guduchi) and dwarf morning glory (shankapushpi or aloeweed). They all support clarity and calmness in our mind.

There is one more herb in this preparation: the galangal root. This root strengthens the digestive power, Agni, and thereby aids in the absorption of the active ingredients of the other herbs. Galangal root also restores the strength and regularity of Agni that is often deranged in imbalances of Vata. This leads to the restoration of good appetite and dispels gas formation that is often connected to an imbalance of Vata.

The mineral component of Worry Free herbal tablets is made of pearl powder from river pearls. These pearls are processed in herbal extracts for several days. Pearls are associated with the qualities of the bright full moon. They give coolness, clarity and precision to our mind.

I always try to memorize the different MA herbal products in connection with a keyword. My keyword for Worry Free is the “ayurvedic daytime tranquilizer.”

There is a significant difference between this herbal tranquilizer and the highly habit- and addiction-forming tranquilizers from modern medicine. Most of them are chemically related to diazepam.

Worry Free herbal tablets are not only free from habit-forming or other side effects, but due to the hundreds of biochemical components that are hidden in the seven herbs, this preparation gently supports the move of the whole mind-body system towards calmness, serenity, clarity, emotional balance and better memory!

Whenever you feel stressed, worried, restless or tense, use Worry Free without any risk of harmful side effects.


Dr. Wolfgang Schachinger is a GP in Ried, Austria, a small town near Salzburg. He has been practicing Maharishi Ayurveda medicine for the last 30 years. Dr. Schachinger is one the pioneers of Ayurvedic medicine in Europe.

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