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Inside Out: Healthy Spring Beginnings

Inside Out: Healthy Spring Beginnings

Hello, spring! It's time to clean out the cobwebs — in your body. You know, the build-up from holiday eating, too little exercise or the winter blues. Ayurveda has you covered, because it’s the only health system that accounts for physiological changes that come with each season.

  1. Empower Yourself — The Ayurvedic Way

    In past articles, we’ve talked about the doshas — three distinct classifications for your primary body/mind makeup (prakriti). This is where your holistic self-knowledge begins.

    Learn about your own unique combination by taking the dosha quiz on our website.

    Aware of our prakriti, we understand our own nature, physically and emotionally. Being aware of our dosha imbalance, or vikriti, as it starts, we can take steps to bring ourselves back into balance.

    Individuals are characterized by the doshas, and so are times of day and the seasons. Spring is Kapha season. While the earth begins its renewal, the influences of the season may be felt by those with primarily Kapha dosha. We may feel sluggish, lethargic or sad, and have trouble sleeping or waking up. We may be prone to respiratory issues or indigestion. However, the weightiness of Kapha isn’t all bad. It is also responsible for your sweet, stable temperament, long-term memory, strength, stamina, and sound sleep.

    Fear not. Ayurveda can help.

  2. Begin Within

    Those with primarily Kapha characteristics can follow a Kapha-pacifying diet. Add seasonal foods to your daily diet. Favor light, dry and warm foods that are easy to digest:

    • Fruit: apples, berries and peaches
    • Vegetables: asparagus, Brussels sprouts and leafy greens
    • Grains: barley and millet
    • Reduce heavy, oily and cold foods, as these increase Kapha. Reduce or avoid red meat, processed and canned foods, coffee, and alcohol.
    • And of course, drink plenty of water! Daily water consumption will help your body flush ama (toxic build-up).
  3. Balance through Asana

    If the heaviness of winter has left you on autopilot, shake things up with new experiences — get out and enjoy the sunny weather! Feel alive with vigorous exercise, a little each day.

    Yoga asanas that fire you up and make you move will also help with digestion and elimination, as well as opening up the chest and lungs, helping with congestion. Favor uplifting, heart-opening backbends — Bhujangasana, Dhanurasana, and Ustrasana; invigorating inversions — Salamba Sarvangasana and Salamba Sirsasana; and digestion-stimulating poses — Navasana and Apanasana.

    Tuning into nature’s change of season, we can live our lives empowered through our own knowledge and the use of the ancient system of Ayurveda to restore and maintain balance in our minds and bodies, and as a result enjoy good health.
    Start with digestion (Organic Digest Tone, Triphala Plus) and then add in our detox-specific products.

    Healthy spring beginnings start now!

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