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Neem: The Wonder Tree of India

Neem, the “wonder tree of India,” is known in Ayurveda as a detoxifier and, in traditional use, it is considered a multifaceted support for skin health. A cleanser and blood purifier, dexterous neem supports clear and healthy skin and promotes general well-being.

Neem has long been treasured in India for its many benefits, and all parts of the tree are used to support various aspects of wellness. For centuries, Indians have juiced neem leaves to achieve glowing skin, chewed neem bark to clean their teeth, used neem leaves as a natural bug repellent, and drank neem tea as a powerful tonic. Neem, in a testament to its many uses, is commonly called the “friend and protector of the Indian villager” or simply the “village pharmacy.” Maharishi Ayurveda Neem is certified organic and non-GMO, vegetarian and cruelty-free, grown and processed without toxic and harmful synthetic chemicals.

Neem leaf, increasingly found as an ingredient in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, is famous in the ancient Ayurvedic texts for having an almost magical effect on the skin. Beneficial for all skin types, traditional Ayurvedic remedies recommend utilizing neem’s purifying qualities: this is done by applying a paste of crushed neem leaves directly to problem skin.

Neem aids in cleansing deep toxins from the teeth and mouth.

Neem bark especially supports dental health; in fact, its most common use is as a sort of natural, gnawable toothbrush. Ayurdent, a fluoride-free ayurvedic toothpaste, contains neem bark and is extra-effective when you brush just before bed. It helps heal sore gums and helps prevent tooth decay by strengthening the gums and teeth.

Neem, according to Maharishi Ayurveda principles, is especially balancing for Vata dosha (one of three mind-body types in ayurveda — Vatas are thin, light, dry, irregular, easily chilled, restless, whirling thinkers). It helps to remove toxins from the body and purify the blood, and helps neutralize damaging free radicals. Through these functions, neem nourishes more radiant skin — supporting healthy, glowing skin while minimizing occasional skin blemishes. Elim-Tox and Radiant Skin, formulas for detoxification (and therefore beautiful skin) contain both neem leaf and neem bark, which help to purify the skin and flush out toxins from the sweat glands.

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