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Maharishi Aromatherapy:
Four Ways to Use Essential Oils for Natural Immunity

Four Ways To Use Essential Oils For Natural Immunity

As the weather begins to cool and the days become drier, our physiology can become more susceptible to Vata imbalance. It’s easy to understand why, and taking steps to balance Vata dosha is essential.

So, how can we begin to boost our natural immunity? One powerful technique is with natural, therapeutic remedies that enliven our own self-healing mechanisms — pure essential oils!

Check out these simple ways to use essential oils every day:

  1. Environmental Protection Aromatherapy

    • Cleanse and purify the air all around you by using essential oils — just a drop or two, using your favorite aroma diffuser. Our Aroma Diffuser is inexpensive, durable and not obtrusive.
    • Make a spray. Add 5 - 10 drops (or to smell) of your favorite oil(s) to an 8-oz. mister bottle filled with distilled water. Shake well and spray.
    • For household hygiene, add a few drops of an antibacterial essential oil such as lemon, tea tree, or lavender to your cleaning liquid when washing down kitchen counters, door handles, and bathroom fixtures.
  2. Personal Protection:

    • Use oils topically by rubbing them onto specific parts of the body, according to the effect you wish to create. Essential oils should always be diluted in vegetable oil before applying to the skin. A recommended dilution is 20-40 drops of essential oil to 2 ounces of oil. But best to adjust to your taste (smell).
    • Using the formula above, enjoy a partial or full-body self massage — abhyanga.
    • Mix essential oil into bath salt and then add to your bath for a soothing experience. (Many of our staff do this when traveling. Moisturizing Vata Massage Oil is a great travel companion along with Worry Free tablets (one of our most powerful Vata-pacifying formulas).
    • After your shower, put a few drops of diluted essential oil on your hands and rub them together. While your skin is still damp from the shower, quickly and evenly spread the oil over your arms, legs, and torso. Allow to dry. Make sure you’re using essential oils that are safe for applying directly on the skin. Or try our Youthful Skin Massage Oils specifically formulated for Women and Men. They absorb quickly and have a wonderful smell.
  3. Travel Protection:

    While traveling, carry a handkerchief, cotton ball, or tissue soaked with a few drops of an essential oil and inhale occasionally. Your travel diffuser can be kept in a small bag to retain the aroma and taken out at night and set next to your bed. We recommend Worry Free Aroma Oil while traveling!

  4. Dosha Balancing:

    The three ayurvedic doshas — Vata, Pitta and Kapha — control the functions of the mind and body. The doshas can be broken down into the principles of calming, cooling, and stimulating:

    • Vata = calming
    • Pitta = cooling
    • Kapha = stimulating

Keeping in mind the ayurvedic principle of “like increases like,” we can learn to self-regulate — balance our imbalances. Each of us can move toward our own unique state of balance within mind, body, and spirit by acknowledging and tending to the areas of our lives that are signaling the need for change. We can access what we already know about our lives in terms of our digestion, cravings, emotional state, physiology, and sleep patterns and, when understood in terms of our doshas, use vpk herbals and lifestyle changes to bring balance. If we find imbalance in any of these areas, we have a place to begin.

A great place to start is by taking our Dosha Quiz.


Vata-balancing essential oil blends generally include sweet and sour warming oils that soothe the mind and enhance serenity. One drop of Calming Vata Aroma Oil in hot water works well for facial steam therapy in cold, windy weather.


Situations of extreme heat, whether related to temperature or emotions, are usually the triggers for imbalanced Pitta. Aroma blends for balancing Pitta include sweet, cooling oils such as rose, fennel and sandalwood, often with smaller amounts of soothing oils such as ylang ylang and frankincense; and uplifting oils such as lemon or peppermint. Try Cooling Pitta Aroma Oil blend!


Feeling run down and lethargic? Kapha blends are generally warm, spicy and invigorating, designed to wake us up on damp, cold, gray days. They contain vital oils such as rosemary, eucalyptus, peppermint and basil, with smaller amounts of balancing oils such as frankincense or ylang ylang. Our Stimulating Kapha Aroma Oil, including eucalyptus, rosemary and frankincense, creates an uplifting awareness, balancing body and mind while leaving us feeling fresh, alert and clear.

Therapeutic Aroma Oil blends! Our blends were created not just to smell good, but rather to specifically balance the physiology according to ayurveda.

How to choose? Consider purchasing an arsenal of three oils corresponding to each dosha, and then when you are ready to use one, smell each blend and the one that smells the best — at that moment — is what your body is craving to bring balance. It's as simple as that! You need know nothing more than this to effectively use these balancing oils.

Soak Therapy

Our vpk herbal soaps are specifically formulated to balance each dosha. Not only do they contain herbs that have a specific balancing effect on our skin, but they also are formulated for their aroma therapeutic effect. Consider having a dosha-balancing soap on hand for each dosha, and each day choose the one that smells the best to you at that moment.

Nothing is left to chance, and there are no "favorites" in ayurveda when it comes to aromatherapy, so go with what your body demands.

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