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Experience Blissful Sleep, Tonight!

Blissful Sleep

Ayurveda considers sleep to be an essential part of life. It is as important as diet in maintaining health and wellness. It’s the time when the body has the ability to heal itself, let go of emotional stress, and repair physical imbalances. Your ability (or inability) to get a restful sleep at night is one of the most important contributing factors to your overall health and wellness. With good sleep, we are better prepared to take on the day and all that life may throw at us. Without it, we may feel mentally cloudy, challenged, and compromised.

There are three major types of sleep imbalances, and they all have to do with your doshic make-up. Experience problems falling asleep or achieving restful sleep throughout the night? This may be due to a Vata imbalance. While those with a Pitta imbalance may fall asleep fine, but wake up in the early morning hours unable to get back to sleep. And a Kapha-related sleep imbalance may be experienced as many hours of deep sleep, trouble waking up, and when you do, still feeling tired and lethargic. Not sure of what your doshic makeup is? Take our dosha quiz for more insights into your sleep criteria!

If any of these sound like you, you’re not alone. More than 125 million Americans report occasional issues with their sleep – either trouble falling asleep at the onset or trouble staying asleep throughout the night. So, what to do?

Blissful Sleep, targeting those who have trouble falling asleep, is a powerful blend of herbs that helps you to experience restful and nourishing sleep.

Recommended predominantly for those with Vata-related sleep imbalances, Blissful Sleep combines the healing benefits of cabbage rose, indian valerian, ashwagandha, jatamansi, and dwarf morning glory to help with falling asleep more easily. We recommend you take 1-2 tablets with warm water or milk, preferably 1-2 hours before bedtime. (Fall asleep easily, but have trouble staying asleep? Learn more here.)

And for Vata dominants, be sure to stay warm during your sleeping hours. Vatas love warmth and weight. A heavy comforting blanket and wearing socks (yes socks) to bed really can help comfort Vata. Try a warm bath before bed. A ceiling fan on high can disturb Vata, as Vata is primarily associated with air and space and can easily be exacerbated by blowing wind; so minimize or lower fan speed in your bedroom if possible. Ayurveda recommends all dosha types try to get to bed before 10:00 p.m. When possible eat a well-cooked meal pacifying to your dosha type for dinner and try to eat at least three to four hours before bed. An early evening meal will help to improve your quality of sleep - more on this below.

Sleep Supporting Habits -

  • Nature’s Rhythms - Reset your circadian rhythms daily! Take a walk at sunrise or sunset. These two simple acts can change your life. The cycle of sunrise and sunset signals the body when to rise and rest.
  • Let the sunrise and sunset into your home. If you have trouble winding down and falling asleep, try sitting quietly in the evening around sunset. Turn out all lights in your home, put the phone on silent or off, and let the natural light of nature set in your home. You may be surprised at what you experience.
  • Aim to eat a well-cooked, lighter dinner a minimum of 3 hours before bedtime. When you eat a large meal, late meal, or both, you are telling your body to stay awake and active to digest the meal; so it either cannot fall asleep or your sleep may not be restful as the body stays active working as a furnace burning dinner. Ever wake up hungry when you had a huge meal the night before? That is the body continuing to digest = the food it put on hold the night before!
  • Try to wrap up work or business-related activities before 7:00 p.m. or at least 3 hours before bed. Let your mind engage in relaxing, enjoyable activities in the evening.
  • As you wind down for the night, have your bed ready, brush your teeth early, right after dinner, put on those pj’s, and be ready to greet sleep. When sleepiness comes, get in bed immediately and honor what your body is telling you. Listen to yourself!

Sleep is natural and does not require effort. We just need to give our bodies the right direction and stage, and they will do the “rest”.

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