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Creating Balance Where Imbalance Exists: Aci-Balance

Are you one of the many Americans who experience occasional acid indigestion or heartburn?

The feeling of hyperacidity is due to excessive production of acid by our system (more on that later…). A very simple and immediate solution, logically, seems to be to take some alkaline product to immediately neutralize the acid. This is OK, if all you want is a temporary fix.

However, in Ayurveda, we address the root cause of an imbalance — not just a masking of symptoms.

Hello, Aci-Balance

The special blend of herbs in our top-selling formulation, Aci-Balance, helps to balance occasional stomach acidity and support overall digestion. By helping to maintain balanced Pitta — the fire of digestion — in the stomach and small intestine, short-term comfort and long-term results are achieved.

Why not just take a standard over-the-counter product?

Standard hyperacidity products work to neutralize acid. Just as their product ads claim, comfort comes within 6 seconds… 9 seconds… a few minutes! But what happens after the initial relief? The acidity comes right back in a matter of minutes. This phenomenon is called The Rebound Effect.

Understanding The Rebound Effect

Let us examine what causes The Rebound Effect (back to that excessive production of acid). We understand that acid is necessary for the digestion of food. It is produced by the body upon directions from the brain. The required quantity of acid, which is calculated by the brain through its sensors, sometimes directs the system to produce more acid than is actually required — which then causes hyperacidity, the feeling of too much acid. This can manifest as a burning sensation in the chest or bloating in the stomach. At night, when we're lying down, hyperacidity can actually burn our throat, our vocal chords and even our sinuses. Other than the lining of the stomach, our body is not made to withstand the powerful acid produced by our digestive system to process food. Many people do not recognize the symptoms of hyperacidity during the night and can mistake a sore throat, ear canal discomfort, or a hoarse voice for being ill, when actually we have burned one or more of these areas.

By taking an alkaline product, we feel relieved as the acid gets neutralized. But at the same time, the brain gets the signal that the quantity of acid, which is an important material for the digestion of food, is low and immediately directs the system to produce more acid. Then hyperacidity comes back — rebounds — and generally, with greater intensity.

The Aci-Balance Difference

Upholding tradition, our vpk® herbal formulation, Aci-Balance, is derived from ancient Ayurvedic texts and naturally works to create balance where imbalance exists.

Besides having a fast-acting effect on occasional stomach acidity, which standard over-the-counter products also do, Aci-Balance helps the brain produce acid in a balanced manner and therefore avoids The Rebound Effect before it can even take hold.

And what is more, we offer Aci-Balance in a convenient, compressed tablet form which provides full efficiency of the ancient formulation in a very convenient way! The design of our compressed tablets is carefully crafted in such a way that the required dosage of 1-2 grams can be easily swallowed, for an immediate effect.

Aci-Balance is the result of synthesis between the ancient heritage of Ayurveda and the most modern research and development production technology, which takes the highly hygroscopic (moisture-absorbing) natural property of these herbs into consideration.

The Breakdown of Aci-Balance

We use only the highest-quality ingredients and uphold the authenticity of the Ayurvedic tradition. Aci-Balance is an intentionally-crafted formulation of synergistically blended herbs. Each ingredient is powerful individually; however, together they are a healing force. Amla, one of Aci-Balance’s main ingredients, has a rejuvenating and cooling quality (Pitta-balancing). It is a fruit that is a rich natural source of vitamin C, with 20 times the vitamin C content of an orange, gram for gram. A Rasayana (that which is health and longevity-promoting) for Pitta, amla supports the function of digestion by calming hyperacidity in the stomach. Indian jalap is balancing and cleansing, supporting functions of the stomach and intestines. And licorice has a soothing and cooling quality which can help extinguish excess heat in the stomach.

Start with Digestion

Our Vaidyas (Ayurvedic experts) recommend Organic Digest Tone (Triphala Plus) as the one herbal that should be taken to support all other herbals. By supporting digestion and assimilation, we can derive the greatest possible benefit from food and any herbals we may take.

What Else Can We Do?

  • Eat smaller, easy-to-digest meals.
  • Avoid Pitta-increasing foods, especially at night, including foods high in acid, such as tomatoes; hot, spicy foods; and heavy, large meals.
  • Eat your main meal at lunch.
  • Eat slowly and listen to your body. Eating too much can overwhelm your system.
  • Follow a Pitta balancing diet.

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