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Ayurvedic Panchakarma on The Dr. Oz Show
Detox and Balance Support Healthy Weight Loss

I just saw Dr. Oz’s special segment on ayurvedic panchakarma — which aired on national TV Friday, May 11th. For those who missed it, it was a great, quick glimpse into the classic ayurvedic purification procedures known commonly as “panchakarma,” which means five actions.

I’ll give you a quick review of Dr. Oz's special.

Ayurvedic detoxification is essential to a successful weight-loss regimen. Getting all of the disruptive “junk” out of the way helps your body do what it yearns to do: stay in balance — and balance naturally includes a healthy, optimal weight. That’s the word from the owner and founder of The Raj, the oldest ayurvedic panchakarma spa in America.

Panchakarma is the classic traditional ayurvedic program to rejuvenate and detoxify mind and body and, in turn, support healthy weight and weight loss,” says Candace Badgett, owner of The Raj in Fairfield, Iowa. The good news — many panchakarma treatments can be done at home.

Candace highlighted a few powerful panchakarma treatments on the Dr. Oz show: udvartana (pronounced Uud-Vart-tana), as it’s called in Sanskrit, which is a specialized massage with a paste of chickpea flour and herbalized oils; svedana (svay-da-na), a purifying oil-steam treatment; and amazing shirodhara (sheer-oh-dara). This famously relaxing Vata-pacifying spa treatment rhythmically applies a warm aromatic stream of herbalized sesame oil across the forehead. Incredible doesn’t begin to say it. Can you say bliss?

The panchakarma treatments featured on Dr. Oz all have one thing in common: restoring a profound level of balance and eliminating toxins.

These oils are special — infused in the time-consuming, old-school traditional methods of preparation: unrushed, authentic, pure. The oils contain specific ayurvedic herbs to calm and purify. This kind of sesame-based oil massage is an excellent, very satisfying means of getting the herbs and oils where they need to go to restore ayurvedic balance. And don't despair if a professional massage is out of reach — self-massage is effective, soothing and free.

Candace's udvartana oil massage recipe is traditional, and easy to make. It’s a combo of organic chickpea flour and Vata-pacifying herbalized massage oil. Candace recommends using Vata massage oil, such as Maharishi Ayurveda's Moisturizing Herbal Massage Oil for Vata, as supporting normal weight is always helped by balancing Vata dosha.

You can simulate this classic oil-steam spa treatment with an oil massage followed by a visit to the sauna (don’t let your head get hot at the sauna) or to your own shower for a steam bath. Youthful Skin Massage Oil, for Women or for Men, is another relaxing choice for self-massage. On Dr. Oz, Candace explained how steam helps the detoxifying calming ayurvedic oils to penetrate into the tissue beds.

Panchakarma in-residence is fabulous — but when that isn’t possible, your in-home ayurvedic spa can deliver some of the same benefits. This, by the way, is another bedrock principle of ayurveda — balance begins at home. These are easy-to-use ‘tools’ to achieve relaxing, effective DIY detoxification, and support your healthy weight goals in maximum comfort: at home.

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