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Ayurvedic Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

However you celebrate the holiday season, it’s always nice to offer up a few gifts to those friends, co-workers, family members, and loved ones who made your year so special. Here at vpk, we believe that wellness is one of the best gifts life has to offer! So if you’re looking for an alternative to fruitcake and cheese baskets, we’d love to recommend a few of our wellness favorites—specially tailored to the people on your list.

Not sure what to get Roger in Accounting, or Rita in IT? A jar of Rose Petal Jam is a fail-safe gift just about everyone loves. Raja’s Cup is great for coworkers trying to kick their caffeine habit, as are our soothing, organic dosha-balancing Herbal Teas. Does someone you know have a big promotion opportunity coming up? Our specially blended Worry Free Tea helps take the edge off of life’s occasional stresses, and Stress Free Mind offers additional herbal support.

Co worker

Best Friend
Nothing feels better than celebrating friends—the family members you choose yourself! Many of us share heart-to-hearts over steaming mugs of tea, so why not gift a friend with some delicious, dosha-balancing tea? Choose from calming Vata, cooling Pitta, or stimulating Kapha-balancing tea. Our fragrant, soothing Herbal Soaps are always a big hit, and a jar of Rose Petal Spread is wonderfully beneficial for Sadhaka Pitta, the emotional heart. Is your BFF going through a challenging time? Worry Free Tablets contain adaptogens like ashwagandha, which can help the mind and body adapt to stress. For everyday Ayurveda, our Aroma Oils offer a wide range of benefits—from soothing to stimulating—for friends! And our new Aroma Oil Diffuser is a beautiful addition to anyone's aroma set. It is practically priced, if you are shopping on a budget.

Best Friend

Show Mom your gratitude for all she’s done—and continues to do! Pamper her with our silky, hydrating, collagen-boosting Youthful Skin Cream. Our Youthful Skin Massage Oil for Women penetrates the skin deeply, giving Mom all the benefits of regular abhyanga (daily oil massage) plus relaxation and a better sleep. Worry Free is a great herbal formula for times of stress (if only she’d had it during your whirlwind teen years!), and Blissful Sleep helps ensure she gets a good night’s sleep. And what mother doesn’t love roses? Give her a daily bouquet with our luxurious Rose Herbal Soap. If Mom’s a fan of essential oils, stock her up on our dosha-balancing blends. She might also enjoy a brand new Bamboo Aroma Oil Diffuser.


Sure, Dad can always use another pair of socks, but why not give something with more far-reaching benefits? Rejuvenation for Men is a traditional Ayurvedic formula that helps with energy levels, keeping Dad in peak performance for his next canoe trip. Blissful Sleep helps Dad fall asleep, and Deep Rest helps him stay asleep at night—plus our suite of dosha-pacifying soaps are sure to be a big hit with Mom. If your dad likes soothing scents, he might enjoy our Slumbertime Aroma Oil. If daily oil massage is part of his routine, Youthful Skin Massage Oil for Men will help him stay limber. He can also rub it on the soles of his feet before bed for a deeper sleep (and then slip into those socks you gave him last year).


Significant Other
Sometimes, it’s (ironically!) hardest to find something special for the person we know best. When in doubt, consider giving your S.O. gifts that will help them feel, look, and be their best. Ancient Ayurvedic texts recommend a daily oil massage to nurture mind and body; help your loved one start the day off right with our Youthful Skin Massage Oil for Men and Women. Rose Water helps your sweetheart keep their cool all year round (see video tips), and our Tongue Scraper gives them the confidence of a clean mouth and fresh breath. Slumber Time Tea helps you both have a better night’s sleep together, and Aroma Oils offer wellness solutions for digestion, sleep, emotions, and more. Time to toss the old diffuser? Find a new Aromatherpy Diffuser here!

Co worker

Treat Yourself
Forgetting someone…? Remember to take care of you, too, this holiday season! The habit of a daily self-massage with warm oil is deeply nurturing, so be sure you have your favorite dosha-balancing Massage Oil at the ready each morning. If you’re feeling scattered, Vata Tea helps soothe and calm, or if you’re a bit down in the dumps, our Blissful Joy herbal formula can help part the clouds. Tummy acting up after overindulging? Our Organic Digest Tone tablets contain colon-cleansing triphala and cooling cabbage rose for a gentle daily detox. Aromatherapy with essential oils is one of the easiest (and quickest) ways to bring balance, so why not treat yourself to some of our dosha-balancing blends and new Aroma Diffuser, while you are at it?


Last-Minute Gifts and Gift Certificates
Put shopping off till the last minute? No worries! Send a gift certificate anytime.

Happy Holidays from the vpk team!

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