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A Natural Helper for Returning to “Cool, Calm & Collected”

A Natural Helper for Returning to “Cool, Calm & Collected”

One year ago, almost to the day, I was on a two-week retreat. It involved a lot of silence, yoga, meditation and hours spent just being. As the days went on, I found myself really feeling amazing. Totally full of life and absolutely connected. I was digging this break from my “real life.”

Then it happened.

Towards the end of the retreat, I lost it… I’m not sure why, but I suddenly was free-falling into a full-blown spiritual emergency. Apparently (I found out from doing some research on this later), this sort of experience is a common reaction to spending long hours turning inward. Some may say it’s stress release or even a complete shedding of the ego — a “kundalini rising” thing. I just called it crazy. Whatever it was, for days I felt tense and worried like I had never felt before. Too scared to turn the lights off in my room, I just tried to keep busy, hanging on as best I could.

At one point, I confided in one of my girlfriends (who was with me for the retreat), and she responded, “I have something that will totally help you relax.” Why did I wait so long to tell her?!?! She pulled out a bottle of Worry Free herbal tablets (from our friends at vpk® by Maharishi Ayurveda) from her purse and told me to take a couple. Within an hour, I felt 50% better! I thought, “Oh my God, these herbs are totally working!”

Fast forward to a few weeks after the course . . . I was still feeling nervous. On top of it, I was in the middle of writing my first book, and I simply didn’t have time to give in to worry and tension. Based on that first experience I’d had, I began to take Worry Free every day. Slowly but surely, I began easing back into my regular life — I started to calm down. I also began drinking Worry Free Tea (also a vpk product) before I went to sleep at night . . . because I actually found it helped me calm down enough to sleep straight through the night. Very quickly, both products became staples in my life. Alan Marks, a friend and CEO of vpk by Maharishi Ayurveda, explained to me that Vata is responsible for feelings of nervousness or tension; he went on to explain that when we pacify, or balance, Vata, the issues associated with Vata being out of balance begin to subside. “We are not just masking the problem as is done with Western medicine; we are actually addressing the source of the issue by bringing our bodies back into balance.”

To this day, I never leave the house without a bottle of these “magic beans” in my purse. If I start feeling a little pinch of worry come on, I know I can take something that’s effective, safe and non-addictive. And yes, I've recommended these herbs to everyone I know . . . because they completely work.

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After a life-changing 20-minute meditation, Valerie Gangas “awakened” to find herself on a personal journey of spiritual transformation that culminated in the creation of the Enlightenment is Sexy website and her book, Enlightenment is Sexy: Every Woman’s Guide to a Magical Life (with some pit stops involving work with Oprah Winfrey and the David Lynch Foundation along the way). You can contact her directly via: TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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