Self-Care Strategies for Vata Season

Featuring Dr. Mark Toomey and Helen Toomey

Wednesday, November 14, 7:00 - 8:00 PM CT

Dr. Mark Toomey has been dedicated to the study and practice of Ayurveda for over 35 years. He has studied Maharishi AyurVeda in Australia, in the US, and in India. Since 2005, Dr. Toomey has been the Director of Maharishi AyurVeda at The Raj, America's Premier Ayurvedic Health Spa, where he offers consultations, educates, and oversees the Panchakarma programs for guests. Mark has a BA from the University of New England in Australia and a Diploma of Ayurveda Consulting from Maharishi Vedic College in Melbourne, Australia. He received his BA, MSc, and Ph.D. from Maharishi University of Management in the U.S., where he studied and did clinical training in Maharishi AyurVeda and NIH-funded research at the Center for Natural Medicine and Prevention.

Helen Toomey is a Maharishi AyurVeda Wellness Consultant who has been a practitioner of this timeless wisdom for 30 years. She was assistant to her husband Mark Toomey, Ph.D., the Director of Maharishi AyurVeda programs at The Raj, America's Premier Ayurvedic Health Spa. Helen lectures at The Raj and gives Ayurveda seminars and webinars in the U.S. and abroad. Her background is in the entertainment industry, and she uses those skills to fully engage her audience in learning Ayurvedic principles that are practical and strategic for peak performance, health and happiness in modern daily life. Helen Toomey is a Maharishi AyurVeda Wellness Consultant from Maharishi University of Management. She has a BSCI from Maharishi Research University in The Netherlands, and is a Certified Teacher of Transcendental Meditation. Helen spent seven years with the Global Mother Divine Organization, researching into higher states of consciousness.

Cool weather, short days, and longer nights… how’s your Vata holding up this fall? Dry skin, irregular digestion, cold extremities, and occasional insomnia or worry are all signs that Vata dosha needs a little nurturing. Join Ayurvedic experts Dr. Mark Toomey and Helen Toomey for a webinar with diet, lifestyle, and herbal recommendations to boost your digestive fire (agni) and help you stay warm, grounded, and calm all autumn.


An Ayurvedic Guide to Surviving Holiday Travel

Featuring Julia Clarke

Wednesday, December 12, 7:30 - 8:00 PM CT

Julia Clarke, E-RYT 500 and M.S. Maharishi Ayurveda is the co-founder of Mountain Soul Yoga in Edwards CO and has been teaching yoga in the Vail Valley since 2009. She is an avid hiker and writer whose winding path has brought her from growing up in Scotland to teaching yoga in Vail, CO via eight years as a radio DJ and music promoter on the east coast.

Jetting off to see family and friends this December? The hustle-bustle of holiday travel can do a number on Vata dosha (which is aggravated by things like excess travel, irregular schedules, and sleep, and overindulging). Make sure your time away goes as smoothly as possible. Join Ayurvedic Expert, Julia Clarke for a webinar that’ll equip you with easy Ayurvedic tips to help you stay grounded, balanced, and upbeat on the go.