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Raw Silk Massage Gloves

Cellulite? Try this dry massage! A brisk daily dry massage with raw silk gloves helps boost circulation and break down stubborn cellulite over time.

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Cellulite — try this dry massage

Embarrassing lumpy cellulite is often the result of a build-up of free radicals in the skin and poor blood circulation. Break down these deposits of impurities in the fat tissue with an invigorating daily self-massage with our raw silk Garshana mittens. This dry massage helps boost circulation and gently dissolves cellulite over time.

Suggested Use: How Garshana Massage is done

Using no oil, and wearing raw silk gloves, use light vigorous strokes to perform the Garshan massage for about 5 minutes. Use circular strokes on the joints and back-and-forth strokes on the long bones, twenty to forty times per area. Choose areas where you have accumulated fat. Massage your abdomen and hip area horizontally and then diagonally. Use long vertical strokes on the thighs, circular strokes on the knees, and back-and-forth vertical motions on the calves. Avoid your face and neck area. Afterwards, do your oil massage and take a warm bath or shower. This dry massage helps circulation to gently dissolve cellulite over time.