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Organic Digest Tone® (Triphala Plus)

Supports digestive system and elimination; assists body in absorbing nutrients; high-quality antioxidant; wide range of benefits.

Good health depends on strong, efficient digestion.

  • 100% organic ingredients
  • daily detox for digestive cleansing
  • natural relief for occasional constipation
  • powerful antioxidant for strong, efficient digestion
  • tones & supports the large intestine
  • increases absorption of nutrients
  • recommended to support all other herbals
  • vata, pitta, kapha balancing (vpk®)
1000 mg | 60 Tablets


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Organic Ashwagandha

Supports resistance to stress, promotes stamina and energy, and promotes general well-being

Rejuvenate for general well-being

  • 100% organic ingredients
  • increases energy, strength & well-being
  • fortifies the body's resistance to stress
  • improves communication between brain & gut to curb cravings
  • adaptogenic: increases the body’s resistance to stress
  • increases stamina, energy & muscle strength
  • improves healthy functioning of adrenal & reproductive systems
  • vata & kapha balancing (vpk®) — one of the best herbs for balancing vata
500 mg | 60 Tablets


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Organic Brahmi (Bacopa)

Useful for mental fatigue; supports concentration and memory

Brahmi (bacopa) — a revered & ancient brain tonic

  • 100% organic ingredients
  • known in ayurveda as the "smart brain herb" for optimal mental functioning
  • neuro adaptogen: boosts the brain & nervous system's resistance to stress
  • powerful rejuvenator for learning & concentration
  • calms the mind to cope with stressful situations
  • supports the intellect
  • vata, pitta, kapha balancing (vpk®)
500 mg | 60 Tablets


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Worry Free®

Calms the mind and emotions; supports clarity of mind and deeper sleep; natural support for everyday stress and tension

Occasionally worried or anxious?

  • helps relieve occasional anxiety
  • worry management
  • natural relief from worry & stress
  • calms the mind for deeper sleep
  • natural relief from everyday tension
  • calms & relaxes
  • promotes deeper sleep
  • powerful vata-balancing formulation with ashwagandha & jatamansi
  • vata, pitta, kapha balancing (vpk®)
1000 mg | 60 Tablets


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Deep Rest®

To support sleeping through the night; helps in falling asleep more easily, and in returning to sleep when awakened

Better sleep = better performance

  • stay asleep throughout the night - no side effects
  • wake up recharged - no morning fog
  • targets occasional sleeplessness & waking up during the night
  • powerful pitta-balancing formulation with amla & indian valerian
  • vata, pitta, kapha balancing (vpk®)
1000 mg | 60 Tablets


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