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A few things you should know, before you take the Quiz

How to use the Quiz

Prakriti:  If you wish to know your general underlying nature, or prakriti, take the quiz and answer the questions based on lifelong characteristics.
Vikriti:  If you wish to know your vikriti, or current state of balance, take the quiz and answer the questions based on your current experiences.

vpk, or vata, pitta and kapha, are the doshas of which each of us is uniquely comprised—infinite combinations. Aware of our primary makeup, or prakriti, we understand our own nature, physically and emotionally.

If we are watchful and aware of our doshas we can then take steps to keep ourselves in balance.

Our state of balance or imbalance at any given time, or vikriti, is our concern.

Empower Yourself

“averting the danger yet to come” ...true personalized medicine

The Vedas, the ancient texts containing our formulations, discuss the idea of “averting the danger yet to come.” Using knowledge of our vikriti, we align ourselves with activities, eating habits and use of nature’s intelligence (vpk® by Maharishi Ayurveda herbs), to maintain balance and “avert the danger yet to come.”

Take our formulations based on vikriti, not prakriti, to help bring yourself back into balance.

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