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Do you struggle to keep excess pounds off? You may be missing a key element in weight control. Now, permanent, natural weight control is easy with the Be Trim System. The problem with most weight control programs is that they focus on suppressing the appetite. This actually has the effect of slowing down fat metabolism. And, if your body doesn't assimilate fat and carbohydrates effectively, fat and impurities will accumulate and end up as excess weight.

Fat Metabolism is the Key

The Be Trim System gets to the root of the problem by balancing fat and carbohydrate metabolism to help your body:

  • Break down your stores of fat, so you'll have more energy.
  • Slow down the digestion of carbohydrates, so you don't crave sweets and overeat.
  • Maintain a good appetite, so you absorb the nutrients you need to stay healthy and balanced.
  1. Cook with our churna seasoning to help balance your diet.
  2. Drink Be Trim Tea to satisfy food cravings without making you feel jittery.
  3. Give yourself a dry massage with the Silk Garshan Gloves to gently improve circulation and break down cellulite.
  4. Follow the diet and lifestyle recommendations for the Be Trim System.

Dietary Recommendations

  • At meals, eat only until you are about 3/4 full.
  • Reduce heavy foods such as red meat, leftovers and deep-fried food.
  • Favor light, nutritious foods. Fill up on sweet, juicy fruits and vegetables.
  • Add barley soup and mung bean soup to your diet.
  • Cook with fennel, cumin and turmeric or the churnas.
  • Avoid cold drinks and food.
  • Be sure to eat sweet, juicy fruits (daily is highly recommended).

Lifestyle Recommendations

  • Exercise regularly, but moderately.
  • Don't divide your attention by reading, working or watching TV while you are eating. Savor your meals.
  • Avoid day sleep.

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