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Self Care System: Fertility

Both men's and women's fertility levels are on the decline today. The increased levels of chemicals and pesticides in the foods we eat, and the high stress levels associated with modern life have been cited as probable causes. Conventional fertility treatments are expensive and sometimes painful and invasive.

Ayurveda suggests a holistic approach, with the goal being not only to conceive, but also to create a healthy, strong child who will be a joy to the parents and an asset to the world. Conception requires healthy sperm, healthy ovum and a healthy uterus for the proper growth of the fetus. According to ayurveda, reproductive health depends on the health of the shukra dhatu in both men and women. The shukra tissue is formed as a result of a chain of metabolic processes that occurs within the body.

A holistic approach can help

The Fertility System naturally nourishes all the factors related to fertility — physical, mental and emotional. It's a comprehensive program that addresses all of the key factors, such as diet, internal cleansing, lifestyle, daily routine and environment. Our herbal supplements support the quantity and quality of shukra tissue along with the related hormones, and balance the mind and emotions for nurturing, blissful relations between the partners.

Fertility System Guidelines

PHASE I (Cleanse before Conception — a three-month program)

  1. Take the Organic Genitrac tablets morning and evening to help purify the genitourinary tract.
  2. Take the Elim-Tox-O tablets morning and evening to cleanse the colon, the digestive system and the entire body.

PHASE II (Enhance Natural Fertility When Trying to Conceive)

  1. Take the Vital Man or Vital Lady tablets morning and evening for overall inner strength and outer stability.
  2. Follow the Fertility System guidelines for diet and daily routine.
  3. For day-to-day mental stress, take Worry Free tablets morning and evening. The Worry Free Tea and Worry Free Aroma Oil can also help.
  4. For day-to-day emotional stress, take Blissful Joy tablets morning and evening. The Blissful Heart Aroma Oil and Organic Rose Petal Spread can also help.
  5. For day-to-day physical stress, drinking Organic Kapha Tea can help.
Diet Recommendations
  • Eat bringhana foods to nourish all the seven types of body tissue — fresh organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy proteins such as organic milk and fresh cheese and mung dhal.
  • Eat vrishya foods to enhance shukra dhatu — asparagus, broccoli, milk, rice pudding, date-milk shake and mango-milk shake.
  • Eat a wide variety of foods and rotate menus.
  • Cook with spices such as cumin, turmeric and fennel.
Lifestyle Recommendations:
  • Practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique twice daily to combat day-to-day stress.
  • Follow a regular ayurvedic routine (dinacharya), including the daily massage (abhyanga) and a proper amount of rest.
  • Women should follow the ayurvedic guidelines for diet and routine during menstruation — eat light, avoid traveling or undue stress, get enough sleep and avoid skipping meals.

The sole purpose of these articles is to provide information about the tradition of ayurveda. This information is not intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease. If you have any serious acute or chronic health concern, please consult a trained health professional who can fully assess your needs and address them effectively. If you are seeking the medical advice of a trained ayurvedic expert, call or e-mail us for the number of a physician in your area. Check with your doctor before taking herbs or using essential oils when pregnant or nursing.