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On the surface it seems that an external "life crisis" triggers depression. But on a deeper level, the real problem is imbalances in body and mind caused by many factors, including diet, stress, daily habits and the environment. These imbalances increase your susceptibility to depression. According to Maharishi Ayurveda, there are different types of depression, and each is influenced by a different set of nutritional and behavioral factors. "Kapha" depression is linked to heavy, oily foods and characterized by lethargy, low energy and oversleeping. "Pitta" depression is aggravated by hot foods, temperatures and emotions. A "magic bullet" approach, whether it's drugs, therapy or a single herb, doesn't get at the root cause of the problem.

A holistic approach is more effective

The Blissful Joy System naturally nourishes both the mind and heart to help you remain fresh, alert, lighthearted and happy. It's a comprehensive program that addresses the different types of depression by looking at all of the key factors, such as diet, lifestyle, daily routine and environment. The Blissful Joy herbal supplement nourishes the mind-body connection and helps uplift your emotions for a renewed feeling of well-being, happiness and greater energy.

The Blissful Joy System Guidelines

  1. Take Blissful Joy tablets to help balance the emotions and the mind.
  2. Follow the Blissful Joy guidelines for diet and daily routine. They will help you determine whether you need to balance Kapha or Pitta.
  3. For Pitta-related depression, add Organic Rose Petal Spread to your diet to soothe the heart and emotions.
  4. Add ayurvedic seasonings to meals: Organic Kapha Churna Spice Mix for a Kapha-related imbalance, or Organic Pitta Churna Spice Mix for a Pitta-related imbalance.
  5. Use the Blissful Heart Therapeutic Aroma Oil blend to create a happier atmosphere at home or work.
  6. Drink Organic Pitta Tea to cool hot emotions (Pitta-related depression) or Organic Kapha Tea to reduce lethargy and stimulate energy (Kapha-related depression).

Pitta Recommendations

(Balance Pitta when stress or depression are related to feeling intense, critical, frustrated or angry. This also applies in the case of a ravenous appetite, acid indigestion, overwork, sensitive skin and excess body heat.)

  • Favor cooling foods that are sweet, bitter, astringent, cool, heavy and dry.
  • Avoid foods that are pungent, salty, sour, hot, light and oily.
  • Add the Organic Cooling Pitta Churna Spice Mix seasoning and Organic Pitta Tea to your diet.
  • Eat sweet, juicy fruits.
  • Don't skip meals.
  • Make time for leisure, especially viewing beautiful things.
  • Stay cool, especially when the weather is hot.
  • The Transcendental Meditation® program is highly effective in eliminating stress and balancing the emotions.

Kapha Recommendations

(Balance Kapha when stress or depression are related to feeling lethargic, complacent or dull, as well as congestion, gaining weight, oily skin or oversleeping.)

  • Favor stimulating foods that are pungent, bitter, astringent, warm, light and dry.
  • Avoid foods that are sweet, sour, salty, heavy, oily and cold.
  • Add Organic Stimulating Kapha Churna Spice Mix seasoning and Organic Kapha Tea to your diet.
  • Do not overeat.
  • Stimulate digestion by eating a little fresh ginger before meals.
  • Seek variety and new things in life.
  • Exercise regularly — daily is preferable.
  • Stay warm, especially when the weather is cold and damp.
  • The Transcendental Meditation® program is highly effective in eliminating stress and balancing the emotions.

The sole purpose of these articles is to provide information about the tradition of ayurveda. This information is not intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease. If you have any serious acute or chronic health concern, please consult a trained health professional who can fully assess your needs and address them effectively. If you are seeking the medical advice of a trained ayurvedic expert, call or e-mail us for the number of a physician in your area. Check with your doctor before taking herbs or using essential oils when pregnant or nursing.