Product Review: Stress Free Emotions

"A young woman named Abby was feeling tense and nervous, as the date of the MCAT exam (medical school admittance test) drew closer. She asked me for assistance, the week before the intense five-hour test. The ability to stay focused, concentrate, and relax were at the top on Abby's needs list, along with the desire for deep and restful sleep.

"Abby's constitutional type is Pitta/Vata. When her main dosha, Pitta, became aggravated by overwork and compulsive studying, her exam anxiety increased, and her ability to concentrate lessened.

"When I palpated the sternocleidomastoid muscles on the sides of Abby's neck as reflex points, the right SCM was a rope. I checked several remedies, and I found that the Maharishi Ayurveda product called Stress Free Emotions, relaxed the right side of Abby's neck. After one week on Stress Free Emotions, Abby reported to me that she experienced a greater ability to focus and study. She is very pleased with the results.

"I have enjoyed taking Maharishi Ayurveda products myself for many years, and I am happy to be able to offer these subtle yet powerful formulas to my patients."

-- Susi Hassert AP, CA, DplAc (Middleton, WI)

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