"Worry Free Changed My Life," Says Canadian

Tumbleweeds may be scarce in Canada, but Gèrard Tessier, a 52-year-old Canadian now living in Ottawa, says they are a perfect metaphor for his life before he started taking Maharishi Ayurveda products.

"You know the tumbleweeds we see in Western movies? My life was like that emotionally. I was depressed, had suicidal thoughts, a lot of anxieties and chronic fatigue," he says. "I felt very rootless and blown about by my emotions. As I grew older, the wind got stronger. Sometimes there wasn't much wind, but other times very windy."

Gèrard is a gentle and sensitive soul. Over the years he has held a variety of jobs—none of them very easy—and the hard work was complicated by his emotional ups and downs.

His problems with fatigue began in 1979 while working in a lumber camp in northern Ontario. He had to gather the cut planks as they came off the saw and carry them to different locations. Some were very heavy, yet in order to keep up with the pace Gèrard found that he had to walk fast, sometimes running, with no resting time all day except during lunch. At this time he had been troubled with depression, and that, along with the demanding work, started a pattern of chronic fatigue that was to last for nearly two decades.

After nine months, Gèrard left the lumber camp to train as a locksmith, eventually moving to Toronto. Working life became increasingly stressful for him, and in 1988 he began missing work. He says he never felt rested over the weekends and would return to his job on Monday mornings as exhausted and dispirited as he'd felt on the previous Friday afternoons.

One week he attended work for only a single day. That was the week a friend recommended Amrit to him, and he bought both the Ambrosia tablets and Nectar concentrate. "I took the Amrit Kalash that Saturday and Sunday," says Gèrard. "On the following Monday morning the desire to go back to work had returned, even though the fatigue was still there."

After that Gèrard began receiving automatic shipments of MAPI products. "I told all my friends about Amrit and other MAPI products and began ordering for them."

Gèrard remembers the exact date and time he began taking the Worry Free formula. He had been working as a maintenance person at a housing co-op in Ottawa since 1990, and on April 18, 1997, at 4:30 p.m. he took his first Worry Free tablet. He says the results were immediate and dramatic—within 15 minutes, 40 years of feeling rootless had disappeared and he began to feel like a "big huge oak tree, unshakable."

Thanks to Amrit and Worry Free, the desire to work and the feeling of solidity were there, but, unfortunately, so was the fatigue. "I had told a friend of mine it would probably take me three to four lifetimes just to get rid of this fatigue. I started Fatigue Free in December 1997, and six months later the fatigue was all gone, all... three to four lifetimes... in six months. I count that year as the first year of my life."

Roger Bouchard, a friend who lives in Ottawa, says that Gèrard introduced him to Stress Free Body, Worry Free and Rejuvenation for Men. Says Roger, "My wife and I have begun using MAPI products because we have seen incredible changes in our friend Gèrard."

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