The Power of Routine Over Stress

When life becomes turbulent, maintaining a consistent daily routine can be hard to stick to.

But that's just when it matters most.

The natural healthy functioning of the body works best when it knows what to expect, because then the entire physiology can prepare appropriately and be more efficient in its processes.

For example, when you wake up at the same time every morning your body adapts its sleep schedule to help you maximize the value you get from each night's sleep. As it gets closer to the time when your body knows you will be getting up, your deep sleep cycles gradually transition into shorter cycles that let you wake up naturally instead of being harshly jolted out of deep sleep by your alarm clock. This more gentle wake-up is easier on the body and prevents grogginess.

Maharishi Ayurveda considers sleep to be one of the most purifying, age-fighting immune boosters available, so maximizing its effectiveness gives you better results for the same time spent asleep.

The same goes for meal times. When you eat meals at the same time every day your digestion will be more effective because the body has time to start producing more digestive stomach acids in preparation. Just like you wouldn't throw noodles in cold water, bringing your stomach juices to a "boil" before eating means more digestive power is available to break the food down to its most nutritionally available form. Eating later than expected means those acids sit there with nothing but your stomach lining to work on.

Consider regular meal and rising times a "better practices" approach to getting the most from your body every day.

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