Introduce Your Skin to the Power of Nature's Intelligence

Tired of the clutter of creams and moisturizers on your dresser? Wondering which product you need to use for re-hydration, which one to nourish your skin cells and what's best for protection? Or what to wear during the day, and what to use at night? The Youthful Skin Cream from Maharishi Ayurveda may be the answer to all your questions about skin care. Youthful Skin Cream represents the essence of nature's intelligence, captured and stored in a jar.

The Real Meaning of "All-Natural"

Your skin absorbs what you put on it, and eventually transmits it into your bloodstream. If you use creams and lotions that contain a high percentage of chemicals, you risk introducing these toxic substances into your body. Many cosmetics marketed today as "all-natural," may contain harsh, damaging chemical ingredients, hidden in a proprietary base, for example.

Youthful Skin Cream is made with potent botanical extracts in a 100% natural vegetable base. Even the preservative we use is completely natural-grapefruit extract, which comes with antioxidant benefits and a fresh citrus aroma to boot. No chemicals, no artificial preservatives or fragrances. The result? Benefits without side-effects.

We take the definition of all-natural even a step further. All-natural actually relates to the ability to protect nature's own intelligence in a product. Not only do we use completely natural ingredients, we make sure that the techniques used to process those ingredients are such that they do not destroy the natural benefits. If you use chemicals such as hexane or benzene as solvents to make extracts from ayurvedic herbs, you destroy the inner intelligence of the herbs, and decrease the usefulness of the final product. For example, Gotu Kola is a powerful ayurvedic herb that has different kinds of therapeutic effects; however, if you expose Gotu Kola to high temperatures or harsh chemicals, these values are lost.

To preserve the life-supporting nature of the herbs in the formula, we use traditional techniques such as cold-pressing to process them. Plus, the natural synergy of the carefully chosen group of herbs in the formula helps preserve the product naturally.

The Magic of Synergy

Ayurveda calls it sanyog -- the science of combining herbs in such a way and in such proportions that the blend produces results greater than the benefits of each herb in isolation. In other words, the magic of synergy!

The Youthful Skin Cream contains a precise blend of Gotu Kola, Sensitive Plant, Flame of Forest, Costus, Albizzia Lebbeck, Silk Cotton Tree, Indian Redwood Tree, Rose Petal and Jasmine. Many of these herbs are renowned for their individual therapeutic effect on the skin -- Gotu Kola, for example, has been shown to improve collagen synthesis, Sensitive Plant is known to support nerve regeneration, the Rose is well-known as a toner for dry or mature skin. But what happens when millennia of traditional knowledge is manifested in a masterful combination of these potent botanicals is even more amazing -- a long-lasting positive impact on every part of the skin's structure and appearance, with no damaging after-effects.

An independent study conducted by a Connecticut laboratory on the Youthful Skin Cream found that after just a few weeks of use, twice a day, skin that had been exhibiting visible signs of dryness, wrinkles and aging showed significant improvement in hydration, color, tone, texture and clarity.

The powerful herbs in the formulation work their magic together, each supporting the others, to keep your skin looking, and feeling, beautiful.

Wholeness and Balance

"What differentiates ayurvedic skin care from the conventional approach is its emphasis on wholeness and balance," says an expert from The Council of Maharishi Ayurveda Physicians. Conventional skin care is fragmented in its approach and therefore achieves fragmented results. Isolating the so-called "active" ingredient from a substance in a laboratory and marketing it as a magic bullet for a problem is both dangerous and shortsighted.

For example, Gotu Kola has been shown to support collagen synthesis, and its extract is often offered as an anti-aging solution. But aging is not just about collagen balance, so offering Gotu Kola extract as the solution for aging is simplistic. Plus, Gotu Kola used alone can actually dry the skin or even irritate sensitive skin. A holistic, balanced skin care product seeks to address all the factors associated with the health and appearance of the skin while ensuring that there is no damage or harmful side-effect. Tall order for a cream? "Not if you adhere to the principles of ayurvedic formulation," smiles The Council.

Youthful Skin Cream works to create and maintain healthy skin cells, and nourishes and balances the seven layers of the skin. The formulation has a Vayasthapana effect -- one that retards cellular aging. Through its holistic, balanced effect, Youthful Skin Cream promotes skin thickness and elasticity, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, boosts natural resistance to sun damage, enhances skin clarity and radiance, replenishes moisture and retards free-radical damage. It provides nourishment, re-hydration, deep lipid support and protection-with none of the side-effects of harsh chemical-based products.

Potent Psycho-physiological Benefits

A skin cream that helps balance the mind and emotions seems far-fetched, until you try Youthful Skin Cream. The first thing you sense, as soon as you open the jar, is the aroma, an aroma that works to gently balance your mind and body. Then when you actually apply the cream, the healing power of the herbs is absorbed into your bloodstream through the skin, and "metabolized" by your physiology. This cream contains an unprecedented level of herbal extract. So the balancing effect of herbs such as Gotu Kola, which is a medhya herb (especially good for the mind), is transmitted throughout your body and mind.

The Youthful Skin Cream, applied regularly, improves trans-dermal absorption. So over time, not just your skin, but your mind and body in general can benefit from the therapeutic value of the herbal extracts.

"In making the Youthful Skin Cream, the aim was to package the many benefits of traditional ayurvedic herbal skin care preparations in a form convenient for today's seeker of natural skin care. After two years of work, we have a powerful formulation that is beneficial and balanced for every skin type."

The sole purpose of these articles is to provide information about the tradition of ayurveda. This information is not intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease. If you have any serious acute or chronic health concern, please consult a trained health professional who can fully assess your needs and address them effectively. If you are seeking the medical advice of a trained ayurvedic expert, call or e-mail us for the number of a physician in your area. Check with your doctor before taking herbs or using essential oils when pregnant or nursing.