The Natural Way to Beautiful Skin: An Interview with Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf

An interview with Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, formerly the Medical Director of The Raj in Fairfield, Iowa, and co-author of A Woman's Best Medicine, about the powerful holistic benefits of Maharishi Ayurveda's Youthful Skin Cream.

Q: The research that has been done on the Youthful Skin Cream shows that it smoothes wrinkles at a remarkable rate -- but it does more than just reduce the appearance of lines; it imparts a youthful glow and aura that makes the person using it resonate with natural beauty. What is it about the Youthful Skin Cream that can produce that kind of result?

Dr. Lonsdorf: We all want to look beautiful, no matter what our age. I had a lady in my office yesterday, who is 83 years old and had a few wrinkles, but still wanted to know what she could do for her skin. This concern is not just limited to people at 40, 50 or even 60. Women of all ages want to look as beautiful as possible. I recommended the Youthful Skin Cream to her. I told her that as far as I know, this is the only cream on the market that is 100 percent natural. Even its preservative is a natural ingredient that supports the effect of the formula. And the fact that it is a completely natural product is a major reason why it is so beneficial for your skin. The more chemicals and unnatural ingredients skin care products have in them, the worse they are for your skin. They artificially stimulate your skin, they cause irritation, and they dry out your skin.

Q: Would that apply to retin-A type creams?

Dr. Lonsdorf: Those are probably quite harmful. They are very strong and potent and may appear to work in the beginning, but over the long term, can cause great damage to the skin, because they actually thin the surface level of the skin.

Q: Like a chemical peel.

Dr. Lonsdorf: Exactly. Thinning the skin accelerates the aging of the skin. The skin burns easier, has less natural resistance to the sun. If you start using a harsh product like this when you are 45, when you are 65 you are probably going to look a lot worse than if you had never used it. Even more damaging is the cycle of toxicity that gets started. Products that have artificial chemicals in them get absorbed through the skin's rich blood supply. Through your blood, these toxins travel to the liver and can create a heating effect that can then show back up on your skin from the inside out-as breakouts or irritated or inflamed skin.

Q: The skin, as a detoxifier of the body, mirrors what is happening inside the body. The Youthful Skin formulation, because it is natural, actually creates a beneficial cycle-quite the reverse of what happens with the chemical based products. Is that correct?

Dr. Lonsdorf: MAPI's Youthful Skin Cream is so great because it is 100 percent natural and it uses the intelligence that ayurveda knows is in certain specific plants. Like Sensitive Plant, which supports nerve regeneration. All the botanical ingredients in the cream combine to create a powerful synergy that supports every layer of the skin. Each layer of the skin has a special need and these herbs support those specific needs in a holistic, but balanced way. The herbs are chosen very carefully and formulated in a balanced way to create that wholeness. When you put this cream on your skin, you do not just get more moisture and glow, you get radiant healthy skin that is the basis of physical beauty.

Q: That is a great point, because even the scientific research on the effect of Youthful Skin Cream over a few months showed not just that the amount of wrinkles measured decreased significantly, but also that the elasticity of the skin improved remarkably.

Dr. Lonsdorf: Yes, and that is what everyone is worried about, because as we age it is the elasticity of the skin that tends to go first. Like when sweatpants wear out, what goes first usually is the elastic around the waist, because the elastic is being stretched all the time.

Q: The skin tends to become flabby and starts to sag.

Dr. Lonsdorf: Another fabulous thing about this cream is that many of the herbs in it are good for the nerves. They can actually help balance your mind and emotions when they are absorbed trans-dermally. And when you feel happier, that reflects on your face, adding to the natural aura and glow.

Q: Does one size fit all: that is, does this cream work equally well for all skin types?

Dr. Lonsdorf: Yes, the formula is gentle and balanced to suit most skin types. I have been very impressed that this particular formula seems to be very effective on women who are in transition from the Pitta to the Vata stage of life. Quite a significant percentage of women nearing the end of their Pitta phase of life, maybe in their forties, can get Pitta-related problems in their skin, like rosacea or adult acne, for example. They can be very sensitive to anything they put on their skin. In my clinical experience, I have never had anyone tell me that they could not tolerate the Youthful Skin Cream on their skin.

Q: Absolutely, and that seems to be so for almost all Maharishi Ayurveda products: there are enough protective elements, enough balancing agents, that people report side-benefits as opposed to side-effects.

Dr. Lonsdorf: Here's a tip for a person who has extremely sensitive skin, who breaks out very easily. When using the Youthful Skin Cream, put a dab on your hand and then add a few drops of pure Organic Rose Water. Mix the two together, thin it out and then apply it. Use it this way for some time, and if everything goes well with that, you can then use it full strength.

Q: How do people get the Organic Rose Water?

Dr. Lonsdorf: Maharishi Ayurveda Products offers Organic Rose Water and it comes in a little bottle with a spray, so you can just spritz it on your hand with that dab of Youthful Skin Cream and apply it to your face. You can also start with a part of the face that you know is a little less sensitive and then work up to the more sensitive areas over time.

Q: Is this cream all you really use on your face?

Dr. Lonsdorf: Yes, after I cleanse, I apply the cream morning and evening, and that's all it takes to keep it nourished, moisturized, healthy.

Q: Wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us your secret to looking beautiful, naturally.

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