The Nine Anti-Aging Properties of Youthful Skin Cream:

From the Perspective of Personal Experience, Scientific Research and the Authenticity of Tradition

In this special newsletter an ayurvedic dermatologist from The Council of Maharishi Ayurveda Physicians discusses the scientific and traditional aspects of the Youthful Skin Cream.

Part Two — Presented in a two-part series

Q: We've discussed the ayurvedic principles of anti-aging contained in Youthful Skin Cream and the research on Youthful Skin Cream. Can you now tell us about the experiences of people who have used the cream?

A: Yes, let's look at some of those experiences. Here's one from Minnesota: "I had very dry skin and was getting frequent rashes. I used the Youthful Skin Cream and within three days my skin was soft and no longer dry. The rashes disappeared a few days later. I have used this product ever since and my skin has continued to feel soft and moist and has a youthful glow. Everyone should use this."

Why did this woman experience a disappearance of dryness and rashes? First of all, dehydration is caused by low Rasa Dhatu or clogging of the channels. We know that the Youthful Skin formula contains Twachya herbs, which nourish Rasa Dhatu and all seven layers of the skin, thus increasing moisture content.

Secondly, its Twachagnivardhani herbs also helped cleanse the channels that were blocked by ama, thus allowing Rasa Dhatu, with its rehydrating, nourishing nutrient fluid, to reach every cell.

Third, rashes are mostly caused by Bhrajaka Pitta aggravation. Bhrajaka Pitta, which governs metabolism in the skin, can go out of balance whenever Shleshaka Kapha (which governs moisture balance) is diminished or out of balance. Thus when Shleshaka Kapha is low, the skin metabolism, governed by Bhrajaka Pitta can overreact--heating the skin, causing it to become overly sensitive and break out in a rash.

Shleshaka Kapha also has a lubricating effect on Vyana Vata (circulation). If Shleshaka Kapha is diminished, and Vyana Vata becomes overactive, then the skin dries out as a result. In this way, Shleshaka Kapha has a balancing effect on both Bhrajaka Pitta (by cooling it) and Vyana Vata (by keeping it from being too drying). Thus Youthful Skin Cream, by balancing Shleshaka Kapha, helped eliminate both rashes and dehydration. This is why this person experienced these results.

Q: That is fascinating. Are there any other personal experiences that you'd like to explain?

A: Yes. A lady from California wrote this about her experience: "A few weeks ago, I had a severe toxic reaction to the latex gloves my dentist used. My face and ears became very red and swollen, and a rash appeared all over my neck, face, shoulders and arms. I wanted to remedy the situation quickly without prescription ointments or drugs. Two weeks went by when I tried to treat my skin with aloe vera, jojoba oil and different blends of natural lotions, oils and creams. But nothing seemed to bring comfort or reduce the symptoms.

"I began using the four-step Youthful Skin protocol as an alternative. After the first day of using the Youthful Skin products only, my skin began to react favorably and the symptoms began to subside. My relief was immediate and healing was noticeable within days.

"I am so grateful to Maharishi Ayurveda for offering a pure and healthy alternative to the commercial products that I have become sensitive to and no longer use. Thank you for your research, knowledge and love that goes into every product."

Q: Were you surprised by this result?

A: No, I wasn't surprised! The Youthful Skin Cream formula contains the ayurvedic herb Albizzia lebbeck, which is famous in ayurvedic lore for its anti-allergic action on the skin. The other herbs in the formula also have anti-allergic influence, but this herb is included precisely because it is the most effective.

Also, remember that one of the nine properties of Youthful Skin cream is Shothahara, which means anti-inflammatory. The combination of Shothahara herbs contained in the Youthful Skin Cream formula worked quickly at a deep level to quell the inflammation, and that is why she experienced this positive result within just a few days.

Q: We've heard that some people even found that Youthful Skin Cream helped heal pre-cancerous scar tissue. Can you tell us about that?

A: Certainly. A person from California wrote, "The Youthful Skin Tablets and the Youthful Skin Regimen have completely reversed a dangerous pre-cancerous skin condition that had led to two previous surgeries. All those pre-cancerous keratoses [scars] have disappeared and my skin looks beautiful. These products get results!"

First of all, the overall Twagrasayana quality of Youthful Skin Cream helps to prevent aging and disease of the skin, including cancerous growths. This rasayana effect is similar to the cancer-fighting effects of Maharishi Amrit Kalash, only in this case it is focused on the skin.

The anti-nflammatory Shothahara herbs and the Varnya complexion-enhancing herbs also contributed to this cancer-fighting result. In addition, the Sandhanya value enhanced unity between the tissues, helping to stop the growth of the pre-cancerous lesion.

Finally, the metabolism-enhancing Twachagnivardhani herbs helped clear the channels and remove ama, thus helping to prevent future growths on the skin. The cream helped enhance overall coordination among the skin cells, enlivening their innate intelligence.

Q: And the scar removal?

A: The disappearance of scars from the skin is due to Gotu Kola. Research shows that Gotu Kola regenerates the cells and triggers the deep healing process of the skin. Sensitive Plant also has a deeply healing effect. This combination of herbs is very powerful in healing wounds and removing scars.

Q: What about bumps and rough areas? Can you talk about that?

A: Yes, we've had many reports of bumps and roughness disappearing from the skin. Another lady from California wrote: "It has become evident to me that the Youthful Skin products are truly delivering on their promises--unlike the dozens of others I've tried in my 57 years. Not only did I discover that my skin is looking and feeling better, but a relatively new and rather scaly mole on my forehead was actually disappearing. I was really impressed, and started using the products on my neck and chest as well, because there were two more of the same sort of small growths there. They too are smoothing out and gradually going away!"

At one point, when I'd run out of Youthful Skin cream, I found myself almost cringing at having to put some other skin cream on my face. I can't foresee ever wanting to use anything but Youthful Skin products--they are truly the best.

Q: How do you account for that result?

A: The combination of several of the properties we discussed earlier contributed to this result. The Shothahara quality contributed to reducing the size of the moles. The Twachya factor led to deep nourishment of the skin. The Twagrasayana quality helped create overall balance and good skin health. The Twachagnivardhini property led to balance in skin metabolism, reducing the build-up of toxic ama in the skin.

Q: You've mentioned many times that some people even feel better about themselves after using this cream.

A: Yes. Yet another person had this experience to report: "I've been using the Youthful Skin products for a while, and I love them! My skin used to look dull, dry and tired. Now it looks much younger, more elastic. My wrinkles have melted away. I find my skin has more moisture and is not affected as much by different weather conditions."

I am amazed at how quickly I felt the effects, and the difference they make to my skin. They actually make me feel more relaxed and energized. These products affect the way I feel about myself-younger and more beautiful each day. The Youthful Skin products bring balance to my life.

Q: Again, how do you account for these unusual results, which go far beyond what you what people normally expect from a skin cream?

A: This is because of the presence of Gotu Kola. Gotu Kola is a famous herb for enhancing mental ability, and is a powerful Medhya Rasayana, which means that it helps the mind to think more clearly and to absorb, retain and recall information more quickly. It also relieves mental tension. This rejuvenating and relaxing effect on the mind makes people feel younger and better about themselves.

Also, because the cream increases metabolism and clears the shrotas (channels) of old debris, the Gotu Kola can be delivered to the deeper layers very quickly. We call this the transdermal absorption system, and it allows all of the herbs and ingredients to be absorbed very quickly and effectively.

Q: What about men? Do they benefit from this cream, too?

A: Certainly. Men generally don't spend as much time on their skin as women do, but they often need to moisturize and protect their skin just as much as women. For instance, a male customer from North Carolina wrote recently, "I'm 45 years old and male and I've never had much trouble with my skin. I just wanted to maintain the good quality of my skin-I wasn't looking for more. But what I found was that the Youthful Skin products not only gave a new brightness and smoothness to my skin, but also gave me a sense of greater overall well-being. This feeling was more than I was looking for, which is, I guess what Maharishi Ayurveda is all about.

Basically his skin became brighter due to the Varnya property of Youthful Skin cream, which enhances the skin's radiance. The smoothness increased due to the Twachya property, which moisturizes, feeds and nourishes all of the skin's layers, even at the deepest levels. The Twagrasayana value, which promotes longevity and overall rejuvenation of the skin, also contributed to smoothness. Finally, the experience of overall well-being can be attributed, once again, to the remarkable herb Gotu Kola, which enhances mental ability and creates more clear intellectual functioning and a relaxing effect.

Q: You've mentioned Gotu Kola so many times in this discussion. It must be the most important element in the Youthful Skin Cream formula.

A: It is an amazing herb, and it is essential to the success of this formula. However, I'd like to clarify that you can't just apply Gotu Kola to your skin, or start taking it orally, and expect to get positive results. In fact, that could be dangerous for some people.

A large number of research studies show that Gotu Kola is a very powerful herb with many positive qualities. However, it needs to be combined with other herbs to balance its effect. Otherwise, if used alone without the balancing effect of other herbs, it could create allergic dermatitis. This also has been shown in research -- that Gotu Kola when applied as a single herb to the skin can cause this problem.

Maharishi Ayurveda takes all of the actions of the herbs into account, which is why our ayurvedic herbal formulas are so complex and precise. By combining the herbs according to the traditional principles, ayurvedic formulas are balanced and do not cause harmful side effects. This is our main secret--how to combine the herbs in the exact ratio to have only balancing, life-supporting effects.

Q: Can you talk a little about how Youthful Skin Cream is preserved? If you don't use chemical preservatives, how do you keep bacteria from growing in the cream?

A: This is a very good question. I already mentioned that Youthful Skin Cream is hypoallergenic, meaning that it does not contain any chemical preservatives that could create allergic reactions in the skin. The ingredients are all-natural.

We avoided chemical ingredients for other reasons as well. For one thing, chemicals destroy the natural intelligence of the herbs. They also destroy the prana, or life force of the herbs and other natural ingredients. Even a synthetic aroma can do this.

Secondly, chemicals are harsh on the skin and aggravate Bhrajaka Pitta, often resulting in rashes and allergic reactions. Third, chemicals are antibacterial, which is fine for destroying the bad micro-organisms, but unfortunately, they also kill the skin-friendly bacteria so necessary for skin health.

This is why I decided that no matter what the expense, no matter what the investment in time, that I would not add any chemical additives to Youthful Skin Cream. So you may wonder how we preserve the cream as it gets shipped across the country and shelved for many weeks in stores and in your home. The answer is that it is self-preserved. We have developed a very effective self-preservation system just using the interaction of the natural herbs themselves. This was a fortunate insight, and it is the reason that we are getting the results that we are getting. Without this system, we would not be able to replicate the properties mentioned in the ayurvedic texts.

Q: Do you have anything else that you'd like to add before we close?

A: Yes. I also wanted to mention that in formulating the Youthful Skin cream, I wanted to achieve four goals to create the maximum anti-aging effect. First of all, I wanted to use the time-tested, poly-herbal formulas from the ayurvedic texts. For this I drew on my own family tradition, which has preserved and implemented the ayurvedic tradition for treating skin diseases for the past 5,000 years.

Secondly, I wanted to have a natural cream base that contained 9% herbal extracts. This was a very ambitious plan, and many experts told me that a formula with a 9% herbal extract content was impossible and unheard of. Just to give you a comparison, other modern formulas contain an average of .25 percent herbal extracts. But I knew that by making 1/10 of the formula pure herbal extracts, the formula would be truly holistic and could produce a true ayurvedic anti-aging effect, as described in the ayurvedic tradition.

Third, as I just discussed in the previous question, I wanted it to contain no synthetic chemicals or preservatives. Instead, it had to be self-preserving and contain all-natural herbal preservatives and a natural aroma.

Fourth, it needed to be applicable to Western skin, which has certain requirements.

I'm happy to say that we were able to achieve all four of these ambitious goals in creating the Youthful Skin formula, and these account for much of its effect.

So the nine anti-aging properties of Youthful Skin are derived from the tradition of Maharishi Ayurveda, are validated by modern research, and are experienced by people the world over.

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