Ten Winter Health Tips from The Raj

The tools for a healthy winter season are simple. For quick reference, here are 10 simple, powerful winter health tips from The Raj, America's premier Ayurvedic spa. These tips were prepared by noted Maharishi Ayurveda health experts, Vaidya Manohar, and Dr. Mark Toomey.

Ten winter health tips from The Raj Ayurvedic Health Spa:

  1. Follow a Vata-balancing diet and routine throughout the winter, as it is Vata season.
  2. Favor sweet, sour, and salty tastes, as these help balance Vata.
  3. The diet should include plenty of fresh, warm, well cooked, and unctuous (oily) food as Vata is cold and dry.
  4. Be sure to start the day with a daily self-oil massage. Using Moisturizing Vata Massage Oil is helpful, especially in this season.
  5. Follow a regular routine of being in bed by 10:00 p.m. (and earlier is even better), as the sun sets much earlier in the winter in most parts of the US; and rise by 6:00 a.m. Regularity with all aspects of the routine, including meals and bedtime, is important, as Vata's quality is irregular.
  6. Eat the largest main meal of the day at lunchtime when the sun is highest in the sky and therefore the internal digestive fire is strongest.
  7. Be sure to bundle up and protect the body from cold wind which increases Vata: wear a warm hat and scarf on cold days.
  8. Avoid excessive stress and worry as these aggravate Vata. Be regular and take time for Transcendental Meditation®, yoga, and pranayama.
  9. Sip Organic Calming Vata Tea and Raja's Cup, morning and late afternoon or as needed.
  10. Vata is the king of the doshas and leads the other two in creating imbalance, so it's good to follow these tips to maintain it in a state of balance throughout the winter months.

These simple measures can go a long way in maintaining good health all winter long, so that you enjoy winter's serene silence and beauty.

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