Zapping Relationship Fatigue

In spring all of nature seems to be falling in love. But what if you're suffering from stale feelings? Here are four ways to put the bloom back into your emotional life.

Look to your own behavior. If you are frustrated or disappointed in your relationship, think about what behaviors you can improve in yourself. Actively practice the art of caring — simple things like an unexpected at-home candlelit dinner for two or a bunch of fresh daisies can keep the spark alive without being a drain on the pocketbook.

Maharishi Ayurveda has a set of behavioral rasayanas — they can help build positive, nurturing relationships:

  • Speak gently
  • Be charitable and compassionate
  • Avoid anger and intensity
  • Maintain a positive outlook
  • Be simple and truthful

Sound like familiar counsel? Attending to your own emotions is the first and most crucial step in improving relationships.

Eat cooling foods. Favor a Kapha-pacifying diet in spring, and incorporate some cooling Pitta-pacifying foods to cool the emotions. Start the day with a stewed apple. Include asparagus, dates, almonds, raisins and mangoes in your diet. If it feels like an argument is brewing up — put it on hold and first have a Date-Milk Shake, a cup of milk with Organic Rose Petal Spread, or eat a ripe, juicy pear. Trying to resolve a problem when you are hungry or exhausted can cause even a good relationship to go wrong. Avoid caffeine and chemical-laced foods — these build up fatigue and heat.

Soothe your emotions. Blissful Heart Aroma Oil contains the essence of rose to soothe the emotions and the heart while you are sleeping. Treat each other to a relaxing massage an hour before bed — Youthful Skin Massage Oils for Men and Women are especially conducive to better sleep. Plan to be asleep before ten o'clock to avoid the more emotional, heating qualities of the Pitta time of day from entering your sleep. Try Blissful Joy tablets to nourish the emotions and help enhance happy relationships.

Practice forgiveness. This means true forgiveness, not just saying the words. Recent research shows that forgiveness has a positive effect, not only on your relationships, but on your health.

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