Recipes for the Heart — My Vedic Kitchen

By Raj Vaidya Siju and Chef Mosa

When undigested toxins accumulate, they tend to do so in the heart. Here are three ama-reducing recipes. They come to us from our premier Maharishi Ayurveda panchakarma clinic in the United States — The Raj in Fairfield, Iowa and from the former Lancaster Health Center in Lancaster, Massachusetts. These delicious recipes help dissolve and digest the ama — the toxins — in the heart and elsewhere, opening the srotas — the microcirculatory channels located throughout the body. Using select foods, flavors and eating times to help the body detox is one of the special skills of authentic Maharishi Ayurveda.

The first recipe is a classic. It comes to us from Raj Vaidya Siju, the ayurvedic expert-in-residence at The Raj. He recommends this delicious digestive lassi for the heart.

Vaidya Siju's Digestive Lassi (A Raj classic)

Poached Pears (A Lancaster Heath Center favorite)

Early Fall Fabulous Fruit Compote (Another great recipe from Lancaster)

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