My Vedic Kitchen

Ayurvedic Aromatic Dishes

by Monica Kar

When I was asked to do an article on aromatic dishes, I was amazed to realize how much all cooks rely on their sense of smell when it comes to food. Almost all herbs and spices have aromas of their own — their very own personalities, as it were. The trick is to know which ones go with different veggies, grains, beans, etc.

And then it depends on your own personality — do you like that particular combination? That is why cooking at home is so much fun. You get to experiment with different foods, incorporating different spices until it tastes "just right!"

My daughter likes to smell everything before she even tastes it. In fact, if it doesn't smell right, there is no way she will taste anything, no matter how much pressure there is to do so. So I asked her to tell me what, in her opinion "smells right" always! The recipes given below were her answer. I hope you will have as much fun and success trying these out as I have had bringing them to you.

Her first answer was, unequivocally, rice!!

Aromatic Basmati Rice


I hope these recipes fill your homes with the "right" aromas!

Until the next time, here's wishing you "mehek" (aroma) in all areas of your life!


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