The Magic of Maharishi Ayurveda

In this series of four articles, Anand Shrivastava, Chairman and Managing Director of Maharishi Ayurveda Products Ltd. in India, shares his memories of the beginning days of Maharishi Ayurveda. This is the final story in the series.

The Contribution of the Maharishi Ayurveda Council of Physicians

by Anand Shrivastava

Around Maharishi there were many great seers, called rishis in Vedic wisdom. The very word Maharishi means "the greatest of great seers, one who sees truth."

Of all the luminaries Maharishi gathered around him in the early 1980s to delve deep into the ayurvedic texts, there are three that he honored as rishis in the field of ayurveda: Dr. B.D. Triguna, Dr. Balaraj Maharishi, and Dr. Dwivedi. These three master vaidyas (ayurvedic experts) are revered in India as custodians of this precious knowledge of life, and they made many invaluable contributions that ensured the authenticity and effectiveness of our products.

Dr. Brihaspati Dev Triguna

Dr. B.D. Triguna is considered the foremost authority in the area of pulse diagnosis and in the uses of minerals and herbs for bringing imbalance back into balance. Just by feeling the pulse, he can tell the past health history of a person and what could happen to that person's health in the future. And based on that pulse diagnosis, he will recommend taking certain herbs or products and make certain changes in diet. In this way he helps people bring balance into their life.

Dr. Triguna is a master of the ayurvedic texts. I have been very fortunate to read his books of ayurvedic scriptures, and have seen that they are marked with lines, colors, and other notes beside passages that he wanted to remember. For any health problem, he would take out a text and know the verse that contained the solution. He would go deeply into the texts, explaining how this problem comes and what are the ways this problem can be handled. With his tremendous knowledge, he is a great personality in this area, and MAPI has been very fortunate to receive his blessings.

A famous doctor in India, Dr. Triguna has served as the president of the All-India Ayurvedic Congress and as the personal vaidya to the prime president of India. In 2003 Dr. Triguna received the second highest civilian honor from the government of India, the Padma Vibhushan Award.

Dr. Triguna also treats hundreds of poor people who flock to his clinic every day. Many times I saw Triguna treat people whose doctors had told them their disease was incurable. He gave them herbal powders, liquid decoctions or herbal tea, and the person would get better. From reading the reports by medical doctors, we saw that they were surprised. Many of these authentic, traditional formulas are now offered by Maharishi Ayurveda Products International. This is just a small part of the invaluable contribution made to MAPI by Dr. B.D. Triguna, one of the greatest ayurvedic rishis of our times.

Dr. Balaraj Maharishi

Dr. Balaraj Maharishi was renowned as the greatest exponent of herbal medicine, the greatest knower of herbs. Balaraj Maharishi did not have a formal education in ayurveda; rather he was given that knowledge by his guru, or spiritual teacher. He would say simply, "Herbs talk to me and tell me about their quality."

I have been to many of his free camps where several thousand people would line up to receive herbal medicines from him. After diagnosing them, Balaraj Maharishi would simply give them some small pouch of herbal powders. He'd tell them to mix them in certain proportions, and to take them with honey or milk or sugar. I personally know many people who were greatly benefited by these herbal medicines, including people with so-called incurable diseases.

Dr. Balaraj Maharishi gave MAPI the formulas for various ladies' disorders and for diabetes and high blood sugar.

Together these two great personalities, Dr. Balaraj Maharishi and Dr. B.D. Triguna, brought to Maharishi's attention the importance of rasayana (ayurvedic elixirs that are renowned in the ayurvedic texts for their healing and rejuvenating effects). Under his direction, they helped revive the ancient formula for the greatest rasayana of all, Maharishi Amrit Kalash.

This is how it happened. When Dr. Balaraj Maharishi presented the herbal mixture for the Amrit Kalash tablets to Maharishi, Maharishi said, "What shall we call it?"

Dr. Balaraj Maharishi had brought the herbal formula in a silver bowl that was like a kalash, a vessel. He said, "Maharishi, this is like Amrit, the nectar which brings immortality, and I'm bringing it to you in a kalash." And that is how the name "Amrit Kalash" was started.

Dr. Triguna was present and he said, "Maharishi, I would also like to add something to Amrit Kalash." Dr. Triguna, with his experience in delving deep into the ayurvedic scriptures, made certain changes in the paste, which became Amrit Kalash Nectar. Balaraj Maharishi gave the formula for the tablets, called Amrit Kalash Ambrosia.

Both formulas are ancient, legendary rasayanas described in the ayurvedic scriptures, which had been lost in recent centuries. This alone was an extraordinary contribution made by these two giants in the field of ayurveda.

Dr. V.M. Dwivedi

Dr. Dwivedi, another luminary around Maharishi, was the greatest proponent of rasa medicine. Rasa medicines are formulas made with minerals and precious metals. He was also the knower of rasayanas.

Dr. Dwivedi also had the knowledge of making medicine from poisonous herbs. Some poisonous herbs have tremendous medical capabilities. But the poison has to be diffused or detoxified. This was his specialty.

For some of the more serious health conditions, for example, normal herbs don't work. Or maybe a disease takes longer to cure, and often people with serious health problems don't have that much time. Rasa medicines are quite effective. Dr. Dwivedi gave us that knowledge.

In addition, Dr. Dwivedi gave us the knowledge of asawa and arishthas. These are the liquids that contain extractions of the total herb. The liquid gets assimilated into the body much faster than dried herbs. Asawas and arishtas contain a very small quantity of self-fermented alcohol, which extracts the active ingredients from the herbs. So these liquids contain about 7% alcohol and 93% water. This liquid is then able to dissolve all the active ingredients from the herb and makes a powerful solution that reaches the cells of the body more quickly.

These three rishis in the field of ayurveda formed the Maharishi Ayurveda Council of Physicians for MAPI. Their role is to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of our products. Under the guidance of Maharishi, they have revived the authentic ayurvedic knowledge for our modern times.

The sole purpose of these articles is to provide information about the tradition of ayurveda. This information is not intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease. If you have any serious acute or chronic health concern, please consult a trained health professional who can fully assess your needs and address them effectively. If you are seeking the medical advice of a trained ayurvedic expert, call or e-mail us for the number of a physician in your area. Check with your doctor before taking herbs or using essential oils when pregnant or nursing.