How to Make Indian Flatbreads

Chapatis or rotis are fresh homemade bread, made with wheat or other grain flours and baked without yeast. Chapatis offer strength and energy to the body and are good for all the three doshas. If you are a bread lover and can't imagine giving up nice warm bread out of the oven, try making chapatis — they are delicious, satisfying and fun to make.

In many traditional Indian households, a big batch of chapati dough is made each morning, and chapatis are often eaten at each meal of the day. Chapatis with a little ghee and honey form a hearty breakfast. A variety of vegetable dishes accompany hot chapatis at lunch, and a chapati with dhal soup makes a satisfying dinner.

While taking the time to make flatbreads for yourself or your family seems like a luxury in our fast-paced way of life, the very act of making them can actually help correct this time pressure imbalance. The act of kneading dough is centuries old and actually involves using the stomach, chest, and arm muscles. So when you make your own bread, you not only add a healthy staple food to your diet, but you also give some of your muscles a healthy workout!

How to make a Chapati Bread

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