Parathas — Ayurvedic Stuffed Flatbreads

Parathas are one of the many kinds of Indian flatbreads. They are made with whole wheat flour and the dough is usually enriched with a little ghee and salt. They are also called flaky or layered breads, because they are brushed with ghee and folded several times before being rolled out and pan-fried.

Parathas can be stuffed with a variety of ingredients such as herbs, spices, cooked vegetables, chopped greens and dhals. There are several ways to stuff a paratha: you can mix the ingredients with the dough (which works especially well with chopped greens), or you can fill the rolled-out breads. The dough should be medium consistency, not too soft but easy to knead. The filling has to be fairly dry, void of moisture; otherwise, it makes the bread soggy and the filling can leak. They take a little practice to master, but the result is worth it.

Serve them with soup or dhal for a light meal, or with grains, vegetables and chutney for a full meal.


Panir filling

Leafy Green Filling

Shredded Vegetable Filling

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