Ask the Ayurvedic Expert: Children's Health

Growing Children

Do you have any helpful hints for growing children? What formulas are useful and more importantly, how do you get a "discriminating" Pitta child to take the formula?
-A.U., California


Realizing that your child has a lot of Pitta is important. Different types of children have different needs.

Pitta types are driven by the intellect and demand more attention from their parents.

The sense of touch — holding and hugging — reassures Vata children. A regular routine and oil massages are essential to balance their restless nature.

Children who are predominantly Kapha are the most tolerant and least demanding. But it's important to understand their unique learning style. They learn more slowly, but have excellent retention.

Most of the herbal supplements are too potent for the delicate nervous systems of children. But half the adult dose of Herbal Di-Gest and Aci-Balance is okay. And I'd leave half a dose of Amrit Kalash to the discretion of the parents.

If a child refuses to take certain foods or a supplement, don't make it a battle of wills. Gentle persistence and a bit of strategy will gradually bring them around.

For a Pitta child, don't delay mealtimes. The intense hunger makes the child irritable. Avoid spicy, sour and salty foods. And add Organic Rose Petal Spread to the diet.

There is a saying in India — "If a man is successful, it is because his mother gave him lots of love." The overall rule for all types of children is to give them all the love they need, and then some.

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