"Doctor, Do You Take Amrit Yourself?"

We asked Maharishi Ayurveda physicians to tell us what happened when they started taking Amrit themselves — the changes they observed in their own health and well-being. Here's what they said:

Dr. John Zamarra, Orange County, CA: I feel much younger, more resilient, more resistant to disease; in a way Amrit helps me feel happy and content. I don't get sick anymore. I don't get the flu, or colds. It has improved my sense of well-being. I just wouldn't go without it.

Dr. John Peterson, Muncie, IN: Better energy, and enhancement of the immune system, so that it's very unlikely that I will pick up some cold virus or other infection. But the most important benefit for me is probably mental clarity. It is almost as if it is a nutritional meditation of sorts.

Dr. Charles Elder, Portland, OR: For me it has somewhat of a calming effect. Amrit represents a convenient and practical way to protect ourselves from toxins. And I think that people today understand that we live in a somewhat dangerous world, with a lot of air pollution and toxins and pesticides in our food and water. Amrit is useful in protecting us from such dangers. And of course I like the taste. Pittas who crave the sweet taste find the paste very enjoyable.

Dr. Paul Dugliss, Ann Arbor, MI: I have used Amrit for several years. It was quite stressful going through residency — the last couple of years of medical school are tough. You are routinely exposed to many illnesses and germs and viruses, and you don't have the luxury of having the healthiest of routines. We know that when one is not able to have a regular routine or exercise regularly, it can throw digestion off, and that can set the stage for ama-related illness. Amrit was a great benefit in getting through those stressful times. I think the thing I notice the most is increase of energy. Amrit frees up the intelligence of the body to do what it knows to do. And the freeing-up process releases energy. It is really a great benefit for my patients to be taking this formula.

Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf, Fairfield, IA: I often have the thought when I'm running low on my Amrit>, that if I had to choose only one formula that I would personally take, it would always be Amrit>. It gives me such an incredible sense of wholeness and well-being! No matter what's going on, if I feel any subtle sense of stress or strain or fatigue in the body, it's Amrit that I always reach for, because immediately it starts working on whatever needs to get balanced. It is imbued with inner intelligence. It supports your body's own healing response. I can just feel that whatever needs to happen in my physiology at a particular time, Amrit can do it.

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