Say Goodbye to Seasonal Allergen Reactions

Every year when the spring grasses grew long enough for their first haircut, Carolyn's nose started running and her eyes itched so much she had to miss work. Worse, her problem with spring allergens seemed to be extending into the summer and fall seasons.

"I took standard allergy medication but it made me so sleepy that I could hardly stay awake," she says.

Then Carolyn started taking Aller-Breathe in February, to shore up her immune system before the spring allergen season hit. She also adjusted her diet.

In her own words, the result was nothing short of miraculous. "Now when May and June roll around my nose has stopped running, my eyes are no longer itching and I don't have to stop working for two weeks like I did before. With Aller-Breathe, I enjoy the beautiful spring weather without any side effects from the pollens or medications."

How did these simple changes create such a dramatic effect?

Compromised Immunity

According to Maharishi Ayurveda, seasonal allergen reactions are caused by a build-up of impurities due to digestive weakness or eating the wrong foods during the previous season.

In the spring, this effect is compounded when impurities accumulated during winter start "melting" due to warmer temperatures (similar to ice melting). The now liquefied toxins flood the tiny passages of the body — the very passages that convey nutrition to the cells or waste away from the cells.

When these micro-channels are blocked, and the cells are weakened from lack of nutrition and overwhelmed with waste, the body's immune system is compromised.

Now comes the double whammy. Right when the immune system is weakest, flowers burst into bloom, flooding the air with pollen just when the body's defenses are most challenged. That's the reason for the incidence of allergen reactions suddenly shooting up in the spring.

Fall reactions are caused by a build-up of Pitta dosha during the hot, humid summer (Pitta) season. This creates a reactivity to irritants such as ragweed, compounded by the build-up of toxins.

Three Steps to Banish Allergen Reactions

Whatever the season, you can fight seasonal allergens with three simple steps.

  1. Cleanse the body of toxins and eat a lighter diet for two weeks while the seasons change.

    One highly effective tactic for combating allergens is to cleanse the body of toxins when the seasons change. This helps clear out the toxins of the previous season before the new season begins. This is especially important for those who are prone to allergen reactions, as it is the accumulated toxins from winter that cause spring reactions, and the accumulated toxins from summer that cause problems in the fall.

    The time to do this is at the juncture of two seasons. At the end of June and beginning of July, for instance, the cool, wet, spring Kapha season transitions to the hot, humid, summer Pitta season. The other transitional months are approximately March (between winter and spring) and October (between summer and fall). The exact timing will depend on the climate of your area.

    When the weather is fluctuating between seasons, the digestive fire, or agni, also tends to fluctuate, leading to more incidence of health issues, allergen reactions or compromised immunity.

    According to Maharishi Ayurveda, this is the time to eat lighter and to use cleansing herbal supplements. Eating a nourishing diet of cooked, lightly-spiced organic, fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains and split mung bean (dhal) soups for protein can give your digestion a break. Stay away from cheese, ice cream and hard-to-digest foods such as leftovers and packaged foods.

    At the same time, take Elim-Tox (or if you have more Pitta dosha in your body, take Elim-Tox-O) to remove toxins through the liver, sweat, blood, urine and bowels. Taking 2-4 Organic Digest Tone tablets or Herbal Cleanse capsules at night helps by sweeping toxins out of the body through the elimination system.

  2. Eat according to the seasons.

    During the allergen season (once spring or late summer starts), follow the seasonal diet recommended for that season, taking into account your body type. For instance, spring is Kapha season, when the wet, cool qualities of Kapha dosha predominate. This is the perfect time to eat more soups and cooked greens. Stay away from greasy foods and heavy desserts. This is especially important for people who suffer from allergen reactions, as an overloaded digestion can only lead to a build-up of digestive impurities that are at the basis of the problem.

    "I noticed a significant reduction in my spring allergen reactions by staying away from Kapha-aggravating foods such as cheese, ice cream, and wheat products during spring," says Carolyn.

    Turmeric, sage, coriander and cumin are effective allergen-busting spices, as they improve digestion and immunity.

    As spring gives way to summer, start pacifying the hot, moist qualities of Pitta dosha by eating more cooling, light foods like summer vegetables and fruits.

  3. Take herbal supplements to boost immunity and clear away toxins simultaneously.

    Herbal products such as Aller-Defense and Bio-Immune can have remarkable effects in strengthening your immunity and preventing allergen reactions.

    Kevin, a classic Kapha type, suffered from spring allergen reactions. He sneezed, his eyes watered and his nose ran. "It was hard to get through the month of May," he says. Then his fiancé bought him a bottle of Bio-Immune, which he started taking twice a day starting in January, to prepare for allergen season. He also cut back on Kapha-aggravating foods once the spring Kapha season started in March.

    "It was amazing — my allergen reactions just disappeared. I sailed through with barely a sniffle," he says.

    Once the allergen season begins, take Aller-Defense to remove toxins from your body while simultaneously strengthening your immunity. These tablets also help stop allergic reactions, improve digestion, cleanse the microcirculatory channels and decrease sensitivity to allergens by nourishing and purifying the liver.

    Aller-Breathe strengthens resistance to allergens in the upper respiratory tract, opening the tiny passages of the lungs by clearing away toxins. It also bolsters the liver in screening the body's toxins and digestive impurities.

    Hot teas are very purifying for congestion, and Sniffle Free Tea in particular can help keep your sinuses open during allergen season.

Help for Food Allergens

If certain foods or allergens such as dust mites begin to cause an allergic reaction no matter what the season, the culprits are pretty much the same — reactive toxins that accumulate over time and reduce the flexibility of the immune system.

For these types of acquired sensitivities, you can use the detoxification program mentioned for seasonal allergens, only you don't have to wait for the gap between the seasons to start detoxifying. Take Elim-Tox or Elim-Tox-O for a few months to cleanse the body of toxins. Aller-GI, which is specifically targeted to reduce allergens in the gastrointestinal, or "GI" tract, can be especially helpful for strengthening resistance to food allergens. Aller-Defense and the dietary and lifestyle tips will also help balance natural immunity.

And for the best immune defense all year round, Amrit Kalash has more immune-enhancing antioxidants than any other product on the market, according to research conducted by the famous Japanese antioxidant researcher Yukie Niwa.

Product Review:

"I have had great success over the years using Aller-Defense for allergy symptoms. One of the main ingredients in this formula is Turmeric, which has been shown in recent studies to be a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Many patients are able to decrease or stop their antihistamine/decongestants and nasal steroid medicines, which means a decrease in possible side effects from these pharmaceuticals. Aller-Defense can also be used preventatively. If you know the season that allergies cause the most problems, you can start to take this in the month prior to the usual onset of symptoms, hopefully decreasing the symptoms or avoiding them altogether. To increase the effectiveness of this herbal food supplement, I usually combine it with daily sinus irrigation (Neti pot) followed by Organic Clear & Soothe Nasal Spray. This protocol plus an ayurvedic diet and daily/seasonal routine is a great way to naturally enjoy maximum health, all year round." — Dr. Jim Davis, D.O. (Dallas, TX)

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